Dried lover fruit flavor 229g
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Dried fruit lovers can eat plain love the taste of dry,

sweet and sour, and fiber than dried mango jelly thick,

affect the taste, but still topped first.

Item No:    情人果乾/袋裝220g
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Taiwan's agricultural production of fruit, high quality, international reputation, Tainan, "Yujing the door, " founder of the Hakka spirit of honest and pragmatic spirit to her husband founded in the name of Tamai, "Tamai door"to Yujing specialty for the beginning, with dozens of The crystallization of hard fruit bits, about the quality of the best kinds of fruit, no anti-corrosion additives in the simplest way to keep the sweet flavor of fruit, made ​​into various kinds of "Tamai Gate " dried fruit, the origin of the Tamai Recommend to all of Taiwan agricultural products to consumers, and even marketing to the world, create another glory of Taiwan. To taste fresh and delicious mango of course, choose the world-famous mango Tamai, after a season if it does not matter to complex ancient baked "Tamai Gate " dried mango to enjoy your time throughout the year. Is the intention of the product and adhere to, no wonder the major television stations to compete Tamai interview. To southern Taiwan, must not miss the fruit between the magician "Tamai door"~
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