在美國1/15,16華人工商展,來美國短短不到7個月,我們竟然 帶著自己國家的產品來參展,除了於有榮焉外,更開心一點是證明 "MADE IN TAIWAN" 真是名揚國外,真的很開心在這裡認識很多 同樣來自台灣的台灣人,除了可以親切講自己的家鄉話外,多一份 來自這個土地的向心力,這群在外鄉遊子的心底,愛國心是我們身處 台灣感受不到了,身為台灣的一份子是多麼的驕傲. 記得我出國前,腳受傷到醫院看病,醫生一直叮嚀我:一定要 多做一些國民外交,宣揚自己的國家,現在我們身處異鄉,深深感受 自己有這份使命. 一樣來自台灣的美國醫生,得知我們代理"健康鍋",除了購買 使用外,還幫產品寫一段推薦的話,一直稱讚我們為"台灣之光", 稱讚我們能在短短時間闖出一條路來,真是有兩把刷子外,並稱讚 台灣人都是有同樣的特質,真的很高興能在海外認識這一群深愛 自己國家的遊子,我們很想大聲高喊:我愛台灣...... (respond)
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Creative novelty. Health. Environmental science and technology, and in sync with trends in Asia In a recession now, how to make your life using the product and save $ Housewife a major test for the integration of all creative goods, in addition to the province $ Environmentally friendly and healthy, easy to use will be commonly used, really consumers a great boon. Healthy oil cooking pot: covers the cooker in the home microwave oven. Smoldering pot pan Friends call it: the magical use of pot. Free cover with cling film preservation: Free with plastic wrap, can be fresh and warm. Microwave. Insulation. Free detergent cloth: washing dishes, as long as the water gently washed automatically remove grease stain. Intelligent lid: automatic temperature control, time-saving security. Provincial gas applicable to the home 90% of the container. Non-powered vacuum cleaner: Free plug. The principle of the wipers. Sweeping will not kick up dust. No power to ice machine of fruits and vegetables: Free plug. Japanese Gangdao. Easily carved out of the master fruit and vegetable carving and ice Independent cylinder air-cushion insole: Let all the shoes in your house, and was promoted to the advanced air-cushioned shoes. Handheld 6in1 linked to hot physiotherapy machine: steam sterilization treatments. Beauty. Linked to hot flat iron Magic shredded knife: # 304 stainless steel, ABS plastic steel material, Xiaoping Guo does not oxidize easily shredded. (respond)
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