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A perfect cooker for traveling, students who
eat out every night, or even at home.

With this cooker, you are not going to be using
any cooking oil. Without using any oil, you are
able to fry, boil, steam, bake. There is also
no smoke; keeping your environment clean.

By purchasing this you get 2
wood fiber cleaning cloth


Item No:    健康隨意煲
Price:         $169.00 
Products Description

Easy to cook meals, from fresh frozen food, small dishes,

● Unique design of low temperature (180 degrees C) and power supply unit with fixed time.

Very simple to use, simply turn the timer and it will start, this can be used by anyone of any age.

Sealed a comprehensive heating, energy saving and safety.

High-tech laser treatment of resistant non-stick pan, oil-free cooking, easy good cleaning.

What's Inside the box:

  1. Mia x1
  2. Inner pot x1
  3. Recipes x1
  4. Special spoon x1
  5. 1 Year Gurateen Card x1
Product Specifications:

  1. Capacity: 1 liter
  2. inner pot Chiduo: 22 * 26 * 5 cm
  3. Rated voltage: 110V/50/60HZ
  4. 3total rated electric power consumption: 830W
  5. Origin: Taiwan
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