DK AIR SHOES 87-3578
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Material: Leather

Size: 35-38 
Item No:    DK空氣女鞋87-3578-20
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Price:         $149.00 
Products Description
1 What is breathing air shoes
As the name suggests, is a pair of shoes will be a breath of fresh air. The main function of this is through a special "recycled breathable soles" structure, the air from the inside of the heel at the waist small pores inhalation, through the one-way piston import forefoot; then guided through the insole to vent the air circulation inside the shoe space, and this allows continuous circulation of fresh air in the shoes of the way, has achieved patent certification at home and abroad.
2 Why wear breathing air shoes
Whether to go to work or travel, we need a long time to wear shoes. If wearing gas-tight shoes or hard texture, it will be easy to produce odor and muscle pain and other problems. While breathing air shoes with air circulation due to the characteristics that allow the continuous renewal of air inside the shoe, can effectively avoid stuffy feet, foot odor problem. The patented pressure pump (mechanical pump) designed to withstand the heel body weight can reduce the pressure, prolonged standing can cause muscle soreness and difficult problems.
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