Korean style fake collar #19
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False collar:

Decorative neck like jewelry

2013 spring and summer fashion

Item No:    韓式樣式假領子 #19
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Products Description
"Fake collar" there have been quite some time, but it

can be seen
from the 2013 spring and summer show floor

These removable decorative collar is still one of the

popular single product of this year! When you need to

empty Add a little decoration in the neck when can

imagine the fake collar jewelry wardrobe.

Decoration and detachable collar not only jewelry

expensive, there are amazing in this jewelry decorative

. Sequins, beads, fluorescent colors, animals,

textures ... these sorts of "fake collar"

Not only make your book mounted to get rid of the

monotony,witty sense can do more to put it down!

False collar would like to know by age but also playful,

diverse how to wear it?
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