140D Compression Knee Highs
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This product is a special processing method,

high elastic progressive  Pressurized

design massage legs, relieve fatigue,

The calf Obesity want sculpture perfect

curve,avoid cause calf heavily enlargement.

Thicker. Improve leg edema fatigue and muscle

aches, prolonged standing workers, increase

leg endurance, stay relaxed. 

Item No:    140D健康彈力襪: 中統
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Price:         $14.99 
Products Description
 Taiwan's manufacturing, quality assurance, not to hurt the skin

Breathable and durable, 140Den obedient durable non-reflective

Super tough, super-stretch, ultra-breathable

Prolonged standing one pair get

Radish legs women most aching wound

Weekdays carefully maintained to the best moments of not embarrassing

For the object:

Medical staff. Beautician. Clerk. Teacher. Empty attendants
stand for long

periods of time

And calf obesity want sculpture perfect curve, promote blood circulation

can prevent v
aricose veins.
Ingredients: 35% 65% of the special fiber DuPont Lycra elastic yarn

Health Medical System One No. 002123

 Washing method: the water temperature below 30 degrees, a separate

hand wash, do not use bleach, do not iron

Color: skin, black

Origin: Taiwan 
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