Natural herbal essential oils fragrance bottle
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* "Patent" essential oil fragrance bottle -
 fiber logs on to release a pleasant aroma!
* A variety of flavor, a wide choice.
* The special formula, free heat and
free electricity.
* Product testing, international certification
company are in line with national standards
in Europe and America.
* Full Taiwan manufacturing made ​​in Taiwan. 

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Item No:    天然草本精油飄香瓶
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Products Description
★ Natural herbal essential oils
flavor steady
weather 24H continuous scent
diastolic pressure to relax the spirit
car. Home office are applicable

Natural herbal essential oils ~ fragrance bottle

Fragrance bottles of aromatherapy oils, is the use of the logs on the pores absorb the essential oils, uniform and sustained spread to the air, release the natural aroma of essential oils and phytoncid not afraid of sun exposure deterioration, fragrance steady for feel clean and fresh, but does not contain methanol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol and harm the body of material.

Use, as long as oil bottles upside down so that the oil drops in the timber cap, so that the pores of the wood will absorb the essential oils, diffusion can be affected by the feeling of fresh aromatic freshness, of course, to use in the larger spacemodest increase of the number of drops to be applied to the car, closet, bedroom, bathroom, office space.

The products have all kinds of flavor, such as the Jiali, flowers, roses, flowers and fruits, phytoncid, osmanthus flowers, strawberries, forest, violet, orange blossom, cypress, lemon, lavender, a variety of fragrance to give you the most comprehensive and aromatic spaceWhew!!

The benefit of using essential oils

Essential oils on the maximum benefit of the human body is able to balance body, mind, spirit, emotions in too much tension, anxiety, downturn, panic, anxiety, excitement, and other imbalances, essential oils inhaled through the nose, the olfactory cells feel the aromatic molecules the smell, then the essential oil aromatherapy substance comes out of the message will be conveyed to the brain, and affects the limbic system, the mood relaxed, soothing, boosting the role of; when absorbed through the skin, in addition to skin care, essential oils aromatherapy substances also enter the blood with the blood circulation to reach the body, Bang help improve the body's discomfort and reduce fatigue and enhance physical strength, body and soul all-round to achieve a healthy, balanced state of physical and mental health, more positive help. Charming floral smell allows us to feel good, like walking into the garden, into the forest the breathe fresh Relax phytoncid,, the hearts of pressure has been released. 

Aromatherapy essential oils help to strengthen the body's immune system, helping to resist the attack of various bacteria, viruses. Many studies have confirmed the essential oils have the ability to fight bacteria, viruses, because the essential oils on the plant itself bactericidal effect after it is extracted, of course, retains the excellent antibacterial effect. For example: tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, but no matter what kind of essential oils, in fact, have antibacterial ability. In addition, the oil molecules can quickly and efficiently break down odor, and in the air of harmful substances to eliminate clean, fresh air and air purification helpful.



Fragrance bottle (5ml) to auto home fragrance!

Rose of cypress wood, jasmine magnolia flowers.
Lavender. Violet. Eucalyptus Fantasy perfume secret. Temptation. Romantic language of flowers. Lily Lily, etc.

Natural herbal oil bottle is the use of logs on the fiber to absorb the essential oils, with a special formula free heating by wood pores exposed to air, releasing the aroma of the essential oils of people touched by feeling clean and fresh, (by SGSinspection and formaldehyde, toluene and isopropanol are in line with national standards in Europe and America at ease to use) when you want aromatic fresh air, place the essential oil bottles upside down drop two drops, you can immediately enjoy the fresh and aromatic freshness of feeling. (More room for modest increase in the number of drops)

(1) turn on the black cap
(2) replacement on the wood cap
(3) oil bottle fell over, the essential oil drops in the wooden cap
(4) and then the fragrance bottle hanging think fragrance can be

This product contains essential oils of high purity, Do not direct contact with the eyes or any part of the body.
Accidentally touches the eyes or skin, immediately flush with water for 20 minutes, if still feeling unwell, seek medical attention immediately. Please put in children is not easy to obtain, not eating, not direct contact with the fire of the original.




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