Energy cool eye pad
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Energy cool eye pad

No pain from eye fatigue,
away from the myopia presbyopia

1.three-dimensional shape, without pressure,
   can reduce
intraocular pressure,the bright
   eyes,nose, pass, no sour fatigue,
   long-term use.

2.using UV resistant silver cloth to avoid
  light pollution.

Item No:    能量清涼眼罩
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Products Description
DIY homemade refreshment:

1. to the pharmacy to buy medicine bottle with 95% alcohol and mint 500c.c. of two thick (Physical characteristics like cool to buy three) * not used to buy alcohol and mint.

2. Home of the mint on the aluminum foil removed, in the bag with his foot crushed Into a mint powder, dissolved into 95% alcohol bottle.

3.+ mint powder produced when alcohol use water diluted to about 32%, so the re-use The nozzle into the bottle about 1 / 3, the other into the water. And DIY completed.

4 spray bottles used to shake, I do not know do not even spray a little of the product side Across a thin layer of clothing can be used immediately.

Product Use:
1. Is wrong, on where to put a better position by acupuncture.
2. use of time to spend some time each day can be used.
3 also does not cool effectively, feeling too cold, you can temporarily do not have, which eye do not too cold.

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