New Wave Six-Portable Garment Steamer (TSL-166)
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Taiwan patents. Multinational
participation. Won awards.
International recognition

Ironing function, linked to hot features,
beauty features, cleaning Physical therapy,
blade, made ​​in Taiwan,
Auto power-off water, security,
hundred percent.
◆ Turbo Jet jet set and high efficiency.
uniform heat conduction aluminum plate, not to
hurt the
fabric,all kinds of clothes can be ironing.

Super steam, can produce refraction, such as
an ironing ironing Bai Zhequn pros and cons
the two faces are flat.
ironing clothes do not need effort, different
from the traditional
iron force can only be the
weight of
the ironing.

Buy one give one rag.
Item No:    六合一掛燙機
Price:         $59.99 
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Products Description
◆ flat iron model: jet efficient, fast and effective ironing, ironing clothes, not after

Light phenomenon. Automatic power-off water, 100% safe. And general

Traditional irons with ironing in different ways, because of its single-point injection method, using

Slower speed when the effect better, the use of three minutes can be very handy to use.

◆ Garment Steamer mode: hand-held iron to hang clothes on the ironing process, a simple, convenient

, Fast, fast-paced modern life, for ironing clothes for a new approach.

◆ therapy model: the physical therapy kit into the water hole, so that the steam through the discomfort of the body kit

Parts of steam therapy, need for additional therapeutic effect can be placed inside the kit

Chopped herbs. Put spices in the kit, so that steam through, make room

Tim fragrant air humidification. Within the vinegar in the kit also (vinegar can drop in cotton wool), or

Disinfectants, disinfection of the indoor air.

◆ Beauty Mode: Use the short pipe connected to the iron's water holes, connected to the top of beauty masks.

(Magnetic beauty mask for the mask-type steam beauty device), to be let out of steam after a slow face

Slow close to the mask, adjust the distance, the face, feel comfortable and appropriate. Every 10 to 15

Minutes, steaming the face after the cold towel and wash available.

◆ cleaning mode: direct injection into the water hole on the tube and cap with a lock to lock, can be ejected on steam

Stove stove, range hood, ground walls, appliances utensils, appliances, etc.

Steam cleaning.

Available when necessary, small round brush or flat brush cleaning, such as cleaning agents in the oil coated surface, slightly

Such a moment would be more effective cleaning. In the direct-injection flat brush on the tube, the clothing could also be

To dry, the dirt can be coated with some of the heavier parts of the agents scouring the better.

◆ Steam blade model: high-temperature steam cleaning glass, to remove the oil dirt, the use of dry steam, not

Leave water marks, the effective growth of bacteria.
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