Deep Pore Cleansing shock magic wash brush
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The first step is to open the run-off from the

of the deep clean start!

Thoroughly clean the dirt, dead skin cells, makeup

Let the skin to regain "light" "net" "soft" state of comfort
Item No:     深層毛孔魔力潔顏震動洗臉刷
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Price:         $49.99 
Products Description
ultra-popular bloggers CP value and makeup artist mad push
wash my face clean and refreshing summer refused to shine oil control
daily cleaning pores clean and do not do a good bet plug
eliminate strawberry nose, acne breakouts are not a nuisance
create obedient holding makeup makeup from your face to begin maintenance

a super-simple to use machines to meet the full range of needs
superfine super soft bristles, does not irritate the skin damage
make the bubble more soft, so that the cleaning effect more points
gentle and effective gentle shake away the face of the deep dirt
clean without pulling the eye, nose, nose, chin, cheeks "altogether applicable."

Lovely body so that your face has become the happiest time of day
Fashion three-color design, each color is love
ultra-limited edition gold ram
IN 2014 the most popular and fashionable new colors
cherish sweet red
Bright red roses, girls love bright lines
fresh blue sky
Send her boyfriend, the father of intimate choice
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