18. Do you know what the clouds agent? Plasticizer (DEHP) it?

What is the clouds agent?
Agent from the role of clouds similar to the surfactant, the liquid can easily emulsified oil and water separation is not easy to make crystal clear liquid showing cloudy visual effects, often added to sports drinks, juice drinks, is a legitimate food additives.
Agent from the formulation of cloud usually shoot plastic Allah, emulsifiers, palm oil, sunflower oil, a mixture of various raw materials.

What is industrial plasticizers (DEHP)?
Plastics industry is the most common phthalate plasticizer (phthalate (Phthalate acid) esterification derivatives). Is a colorless, odorless liquid. For making plastic products with a soft, easy to bend, fold in nature, can be used as food packaging materials, bags, rubber tubes, additives, cosmetics and toys, so the plastic products in general are usually a small amount of DEHP can be found there. Toxicity is not high, are a kind of environmental hormones, can simulate the natural hormones in animals, affecting the normal operation of the endocrine system. Animal experiment in monkeys showed that the intake of DEHP and its metabolites, the majority will in the 24 to 48 hours from the urine or feces.

The so-called plasticizers means: in the plastic raw materials, the added plasticizer can change the physical properties of the plastic forming, to become more flexible physical properties, easy processing; or add a plasticizing agent, can make plastic finished with a soft, easy to bend, fold in nature. Phthalate plasticizers (Phthalate ester) with a slight odor or odorless, colorless aromatic liquid, medium viscosity, high stability, low volatility, accessible, low cost and industry experience longer, a small solubility in water , soluble in most organic solvents.

Phthalate plasticizers (Phthalates) the harm to the body:
According to overseas research, phthalate esters in addition to the production process, use or added to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) will release to the environment, but also through the plastic waste landfill in the release of the venue, and by the adsorption in the sediment or organic humus and spread to the environment, via food, air inhalation pathway into the body. As the "phthalate" as an environmental hormone, can interfere with living organisms belonging to the endocrine chemicals (endocrine disrupters Endocrine disruptor; Japanese scholar said 』『 environmental hormones). Environmental hormones into the body can cause endocrine disorders, reproductive function blocking harmful organisms, causing cancer, likely to cause deformed children.

Has been proved in a long-term environmental phthalate esters, the phenomenon may lead to asthma, risk of toxicity polygonal neuritis; into the body with urine or feces although Jiucheng excreted, but some still after biological decomposition, from the liver, intestine, stomach and kidney absorbed into the body, or a substantial harm to the body. After the pollution of the environment, and then by the food chain (food) or contact with other animals and humans to enter and affect the reproductive system. Sequelae of abuse extend into the body after the second and even third generation.

The first time that manufacturers of food additives from the clouds in the agent, the law to add harmful plasticizers, the manufacturer responsible Lai Junjie Yu extended the prosecution be allowed to detain; preliminary investigation found irregularities in the clouds rely on sales agents for up to thirty years supply of raw materials throughout Taiwan, and even the mainland, Vietnam manufacturers.

Fifty-year-old Lai Junjie is the largest supplier of agents from the clouds, prosecutors said, agents from the cloud, such as refined palm oil with the deployment, it can used for food additives, but the high cost of refined palm oil, Lai Junjie to reduce costs, has been use of industrial plasticizer added to the agent from the cloud, the supply of at least forty-five Taiwan beverage, dairy manufacturers, including health foods and even biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies.

The prosecution pointed out that the cost of palm oil, five times the industrial plasticizers, Lai big black heart earned money, but also to establish a mainland investment in Dongguan City, a large production capacity from the cloud agent manufacturing plants, supply of raw materials as well as the mainland Lai, Vietnam manufacturers, suggesting that the local beverage market may also contain plasticizing agents are agents from the clouds "fall."

Taiwan University Professor, Institute of Food Science and Technology, said Lucy Sun Hwang, DEHP is an environmental hormone, although not explicitly on the human toxicity, but it was too widely distributed to various food, much higher than the toxicity of melamine, the body must stay some time before discharge, long-term I am afraid that will cause down the immune system and fertility decline. She said, DEHP has been used for the earliest spices to oil and water integration, quality and stability, the aroma is more durable, however, the EPD pp DEHP as the fourth-level eight to toxic substances, make sure it has some toxicity, is not Security substances.

Lucy Sun Hwang said, DEHP is a plastic softener for industrial use, mainly for medium hard and soft cushions, including sofas, car seats are used, the chemical industry are also wondering why DEHP is added in food. She said that the clouds agent is a mixture containing a variety of formulations, unscrupulous operators to replace the high cost of palm oil DEHP formula, so color is more white, more beautiful; she speculated that other formulations are also useful in plasticizers.
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