17. Very fragrant, Bai a tear-off! toast Do not buy
ETTV Update: "2011/06/07 11:01" 
Prosecutors trace the thousands of food products sold in the Philippines plasticizer flavor, but also into the baking industry suspected! Many people like to buy toast, white and fragrant color selection, but the baker said, there is much to be inside! Because the normal eggs do with flour toast, should be white, if used bleached flour will become pure white, but also add flavor, smells milky taste. 

Flour, water, eggs and homemade carrot sauce, thrown into the blender ready to start production after the dough, then knead into soft dough into round that oven, can make a delicious white toast, watched people eat, raw materials security no problem, but it's toast now plasticizer contamination could be spread, in dough containing plasticizers are added flavor. 

We actually bought the night markets and stores toast toast any difference, the baker make you tell. Cong Fu Hezheng baker: "This darker, the color of wheat, for example if there is add some bleach, then it may be miserable white." 

Toast from the appearance of two different colors can be seen, except with the look can even smell. Cong Fu Hezheng baker: "This bread has milk flavor, so you smell, taste the milk of its heavy, but in general how to drink the milk you drink milk, the taste will not be so heavy." 

This sent a lot of practical comparison and taste, the presentation of the pure white, the night market, walk the white, milky taste and a night market with a large difference between the normal wheat Weixiang, or even a tear is quickly broken, most likely by adding plasticizers . Cong Fu Hezheng baker: "This is our toast to its original there flexible, very dense, then cut off the night market on a tear." With the look, smell, and touch to distinguish between chemical composition may be toast, no problem for most But the master said stores have the best view and then inspected the documents more secure, after all, eat what is eaten, self store, people will not eat more than a snack of bread issue.
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