15. WHO confirmed the first time on mobile phones and cancer ris

Often reported that over the years may have used mobile phonescause brain cancer, and now the World Health Organization also confirmed that there is indeed a cancer risk of mobile phones, and even mobile phone companies are admitted, as long as the phone has to send radio waves, whether on the phone or send text messages, At least 2 cm away from the body relatively safe.

Modern mobile phones are basic equipment is almost as naturalas wearing clothes, a conservative estimate there are at least five billion people worldwide have cell phones, cell phone in the airwave transmission, the World Health Organization says the cell phones and cancer risk There is indeed a correlation between.

In fact, various studies over the years has been reported often saymobile phones cause brain cancer, more men reported that the phone hung on the waist may affect fertility, and now the World Health Organization said an association between mobile phonesand cancer, but Phone is almost an indispensable tool of modern life, and therefore more use of headset experts suggest peopletalking on the phone or use the amplification, and mobile phonesfor health or safety in order to keep their distance
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