14.Cervical spine, lumbar spine, the eyes wrong? River Point ─ ─
Cervical spine, lumbar spine, the eyes wrong? River Point ─ ─after all resolved!

River Point After ─ ─
This is a point on the small intestine, located outside the little finger(ulnar), which is the fifth metacarpophalangeal joints.
Hand fist, palm stripes after the end of the knuckle, which is the fifthmetacarpophalangeal joints in the hand after the stripes and the first place.
This point is the intersection of eight extra points, pass Du, todiarrhea Firelight, impotence gas, adjusting the cervical, Lee eyes, is the spine.
Clinically, it can adjust the desk or long-term study and work at the computer to bring the body of all adverse effects, if we continue, a hundred with Braun.
   This point is very simple to use and easy to adhere to. We sat at the table, put his hands after the River Point on the table at this sitealong the upper
Driven by the wrist with both hands, rolling back and forth easily, you can stimulate results. 3 to 5 minutes each stimulus, stimulusonce every hour is enough. !
We can try, do insist on down day, certainly to the waist will notwork when the acid, the neck is not tired, eyes large extentalleviated.
Continue to do so every day, above all, easy straight lumbar spine,at the same time, you will find so that the eyes than before.
Roudong every hour to remind myself what point after the River.Busy no matter what degree, I think so, or can spare some time tocome.
Moreover, this short 3 minutes per hour, is to save our health!
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