13. I containing aspirin must be read

The Dean of the message is the heart of Argentina, a leading heart surgeons Serra, MD, wife sent to me. I forwarded to you ... very interesting. - Please also forward it to others -


         And hydration to open two aspirin ...

          Why put two aspirin on the nightstand?
         {? IMPORTANTE!!!

         Very important! ! !


         A noteworthy feed on small myocardial infarction.

         Please note that there are other signs of myocardial infarctionoccurs, then the left upper limb pain occurs.


         ? Tao r also have to pay attention to the severe jaw pain, nausea, cold sweat and a lot of hair, these are not common symptoms.


         : When the onset of myocardial infarction, it may not havechest pain, feeling. Heart attack during sleep, 60% did not wake upagain.


         However, chest pain, severe enough to wake up from sleep inpain.



         If any of these conditions occur, then immediately export itwith two aspirin and a bit of open water and then swallow.

         Then immediately contact the emergency center, an ambulance and tell them you have two dose aspirin. Sitting in a chair or sofa awaiting ambulance assistance ...


Do not lie down! !

A cardiologist stressed that if each received this?] people canforward ten pieces? dichotoma o other people, certainly at leastone life will be saved back ...

I've been a part of my out!!! hope you will do your part ...



  Please forward it to you ... Do not take it out of the archive
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