12. Frozen dumplings cooking method

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Please change the frozen dumplings cooking method
Health and safety of frozen dumplings and delicious cooking method
TAIWAN Chao-Hong Liu ~ ◎ good agricultural commodities Development Association adviser and former Department of Health Food Health Food Safety Section, Rutgers University, USA Dr. Food Science

We all know that pork is not eaten raw, because often there will be inside the "pork tapeworm (Taenia solium)" (sash, the sound dig) parasitic, feeding, will turn parasites in the human intestine. After spawning, hatching larvae will scurry through the intestinal wall into the abdominal cavity, and finally parasites in the abdominal cavity, skeletal muscle, kidney, spleen, lung, heart, tongue muscle, lymphoid tissue, such as eye or brain, causing "cysticercosis ( cysticercosis) ". Occurred in the eye, can cause retinopathy, a serious potential blind; in the brain, it may lead to hydrocephalus, or even death. Even more frightening is the adult survival in the human body would be as long as 25 years.

Traditional dumplings cooking method is boiled first roll, then put into dumplings, cover and continue to boil, then add a bowl of cold water, cover, then boil, repeat three times the case. When our ancestors invented this kind of cooking, the world has no refrigerator or freezer bag of dumplings for now, this program really enough meat can be cooked inside the dumplings, and kills parasites in the pork tapeworm inside.

Now, however, times had changed, we seldom have that kind of leisure Yat Chi ancestors at home so much effort to defend the dumpling skin, transfer the pie, now package is cooked. Bought from the supermarket, or occasionally during the holidays, family package jolly good, the storage is frozen dumplings in the refrigerator, in accordance with the traditional cooking method, often found inside the ground pork but also half-baked, slightly red (cooked ground pork will be white), eat scary, so he had more then one or two of cold water and bring to boil. The results often are boiled dumpling skin, cooked broken, ground pork filling inside is still not fully cooked.

In the pork do not know, "Cysticercosis" before the terrible, self-consolation that may have boiled this way, and do not eat we going to discard it? Know the pork "Cysticercosis", I think, I am afraid they have to fall over, or never again to buy frozen dumplings was.

Today, to share a breakthrough to cook, guaranteed in the dumpling skin is still maintain good flexibility under the fully cooked frozen meat dumplings. ─ ─ listen myself: the cold water into the pot, gas stove ignition, immediately joined the frozen dumplings, cover the pot until the boil, repeat one or two additional cold water, cover and bring to a boil then . Technology and the traditional cooking method also should be noted that in the first boil the dumplings until lightly with the spatula to push the occasional look to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Perhaps you might suspect, cold boiled dumplings, dumpling skin will not lay off? The answer is that the package is cold boiled dumplings, dumplings, of course, lay out the skin, but the cook frozen dumplings, no.

Under the water to boil after the frozen dumplings, dumplings rolled in the cold outside environment, boiled the dough soon, however, the heat through the dough, still in the frozen state into the meat dish, the one hand, it thaw on the one hand but also cook it, it takes a long time. So often not cooked before stuffing, dough has boiled, cook broke. This boiled dumplings, not only ugly, unpalatable, and health disastrous.

Frozen dumplings and cold water heated, when the slowly rising, while the temperature of dough and the stuffing along with slowly rising to the water to boil, the dumplings inside and outside and the temperature of boiling water is very uniform, so boiled dumplings, good elasticity , meat cooked, safety and health and delicious.

If the staggering, you can first try to cook five frozen dumplings look, even cheated, but also loss of less than 20 dollars. By the way tell you that I have with the family cooking pot, cooked a pot of 45 frozen dumplings, the effect is very good.

PS Creative Source: retired, former colleagues, the former Department of Health, Food and Drug Administration director Zheng Wenzhong General brother, there are times to visit my mother and my store to see if I cook noodles, tell me do you boil the noodles in cold water can , the water to boil, and noodles are almost done. I tried several times, the effect is very good.
Faster than the Chinese New Year this year, one day, I invited a large Ru Lin nephew children come to my house to eat dinner with noodles, I demonstrated with cold boiled dry noodles to him. Ru Lin surprised and said: "Uncle, I do not know the dry noodles can be used cold boiled, but I cook frozen dumplings are with cold water." Period of annual leave, I stay at home to experiment with cold boiled frozen dumplings, really effective super good, specially share the
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