10. Quick rejection of fat, blood clearance fitness, excellent w

Quick rejection of fat, blood clearance fitness, excellent weapon - kelp

Japan preferred to lose weight this winter, in addition to seaweed, nobody else!
Sticky dazzling, often added to the soup when the ingredients of seaweed, but everywhere buy now, get to eat.

Japanese studies have found that seaweed can help promote fat burning, while increasing the amino acid, carnitine, reduce neutral fat,
Can clean the blood, and expel the bad cholesterol, so slimming, detoxification once.

Local media also reported substantially coincidentally, seaweed makes thin fast, and many try to crush smaller waist 2 weeks 2c m!

Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving! In Taiwan, there is both cheap and popular seaweed, Vita which will teach you more healthy, delicious Chinese way of eating,
Discharge of oil, seaweed detoxification simple new ideas, which serve!

... How to eat kelp most healthy?

▲ high iodine content in seaweed! ?
While seaweed is highly recommended health care ingredients, which can inhibit iodine anti-atherosclerosis crisis. The medical world has not done for the provision of iodine intake, but eat too much for hyperthyroidism people do not good!
So the people of thyroid abnormalities, or to follow the doctor's advice moderate intake, is the smart way!

▲ seaweed is also very high in sodium content! ?
Sodium ingredients contained in seaweed indeed much higher than normal food, and human daily requirement of sodium is about 3200m g.
Therefore, the deduction will be in the intake of other foods in addition to sodium, more than 30g a day is best not to eat seaweed, In addition, people with kidney problems should pay attention to intake of Oh!

▲ cold seaweed! ?
All the seaweed are recommended for super-healthy food, but because of the cold, long-term consumption of a single person to have the stomach Deficiency negative, so much in the cooking with garlic, ginger, pepper, aniseed, pepper, pepper, green peppers, capsaicin, sesame oil, onions and other pungent and hot food, and so can the cold Hello!

5 Super large family composition algae

Let you quickly dumped oil health upgrade
Nutrition lot, each one kind is to make you beautiful and healthy little hero!

■ alginate fiber ...
Sticky slippery algae in the water-soluble dietary fiber, can be coated with the excess salt and cholesterol, making it difficult for the body to absorb, inhibit the effect of rising blood pressure and blood sugar. Moreover, after the loss of heat or cold is not easy, so the boiling stir fry everything OK Oh!

■ fucose zeaxanthin cancer ...
Is Seaweed, kelp and other brown algae class-specific carotenoids, a strong antioxidant activity, can inhibit liver cancer, 12 colorectal and other cancers that!

■ accelerate the metabolism of minerals ...
Conceived as the growth in the seabed, seaweed are rich in a variety of calcium, magnesium and other minerals, among which the most contained kelp buds. In particular, the algae is extremely rich in selenium and iodine, can increase the activity of the enzyme in vivo, on the weight-loss, detoxification most helpful!

■ High chlorophyll alkaline ...
Seaweed is rich in chlorophyll, is an excellent basic food, can clear the blood, fat and easy to improve the acidic physique, chlorophyll can also promote the dioxin, radioactive contamination from the body.

■ S polysaccharide anti ...
Some classes will polysaccharide alginate is a water-soluble dietary fiber, particularly the sulfur contained in the roots of polysaccharides is about 10 times the ordinary seaweed, can help activate the immune cells and induce apoptosis harmful.

Seaweed minerals as you detoxify, drain, eliminate edema!

■ Blood clearance of iodine ...
Iodine can effectively lower cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis, but also activation of cells, increase metabolism, burn fat it can accelerate the detoxification of iodine deficiency caused by abnormal thyroid function can also be effective treatment.

■ Zinc ... increase metabolism, tone body
Zinc bearing on the role of the body 300 types of enzymes, is closely related with the level of metabolism, and it can remain stable insulin secretion, they are able both to promote sugar and fat metabolism. Zinc intake, but there will be deterioration of the skin, hair loss phenomenon.

Row edema ■ K ...
Potassium helps flush excess salt, and the elimination of edema, but also the stability of blood pressure, edema and sister to let you out of trouble Oh!

■ blood and iron ...
Women are most often caused by iron deficiency anemia, low fat, low-card seaweed is rich in iron, allowing you to pursue slim but also can be blood, blood circulation, with good color.

■ Ca ... bone, decompression
Calcium strengthens bones, nerve stability, better equipped to help relieve anxiety when weight loss.
Enough calcium to maintain body temperature, increase the body's metabolic rate, calcium absorption is low, but will suppress lipolysis.

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