8. Stem Wanguaqizhai delicious selection Piebu ~ Watermelon

The most inexpensive and sweet and juicy summer fruit, watermelon is probably none other than the non-very hot inside to slice watermelon ice, more heat is really totally disappeared.

Watermelon each year in April the first harvest from the south, to 6,7 months in Taiwan, when it is almost there, the output reaches the maximum.

However, the size of a large watermelon, watermelon eating small 2,3 days and may want to eat watermelon last week, if you buy the watermelon is not good, but irritating waste of money.

We asked the experts to teach you, for each selected General watermelon it! Pick the right watermelon bites can be happy!

(Basic General)

Head and tail ends of the same size

Good quality oval melon species, should be similar size at both ends, if the small end of the first big show of grapefruit-shaped, on behalf of poor quality; round melon-shaped melon species will have to close round, if there are fruits like papaya and general skin flap-like, the quality, flavor is also poor.

See melon head
Stems bend

Said the mother vine melon vine main vine, branch, said after the Ziman, then branch, said Sun Man, the mother was spread by the curved end of the stems, Ziman or more straight Sun Man, because the mother out of the melon vine species of nutrient supply the foot, best quality; Taiwan Watermelon Seed Company's nursery manager, said Levin, the late watermelon plant growth will become increasingly weak, to bear fruit than the straight stems, fruit small, dark skin color has no luster.

Guadi slightly concave

Well developed and good watermelon fruit maturity, there will be a slight depression Guadi part, the selection can be head-Guadi easier to identify.

Identified melons
Bright green color of good flavor

The more the bright green watermelon skin, indicating good plant growth, fruit nutrient adequacy, enough maturity, while the color of overripe watermelons than the dull, a little green back, pale green.

The more yellow the more delicious the bottom

Melons parts in contact with soil, because there was no sunshine, and more will be presented, ranging from light yellow to yellow rind color, the color of watermelon maturity, the more the better, said Huang, also more delicious.

Depression is already familiar markings

Watermelon skin with your fingers touch the green stripes, vertical and feels a sense of depression that fully cooked, if the green stems can be enjoyed immediately, but if the stems dry or no longer stems that had cooked.

Wide stripes and ruled to be confidential interval

Tainan District Agricultural Improvement Associate Xie Mingxian said the general interval of watermelon straight stripe width, horizontal stripes to close that plant growth in good condition, maturity sufficient.

Some large watermelon skin markings as a small watermelon obvious, but the selection can also be the way to see the surface interval between straight and horizontal stripes are densely distributed, pick ripe fruit.

Kuala umbilical touch
Narrow dense and sweet

Watermelon Fruit umbilical narrow constraints, on behalf of fertilizer management and well developed fruit, sweetness and taste better.

The more meat, less depression

Watermelon fruit shape larger melon umbilical depression is more obvious, to pick fruit fruit umbilical flatter, more concave umbilical melon fruit may be cold, peel also thick, hard, to eat the flesh less.

Flexibility for the mature

Tainan Agricultural Improvement Station, Council of Agriculture Research Assistant yellow successful proposals, the finger pressure around the navel, if flexibility on behalf of maturity, if pressed together hard, not cooked or fruit that is too thick, flesh less.

There are cracks in fear of insects

Umbilical part of the fruit if it cracks, worms may invade the pulp have here, we recommend the selection to choose fruit fruit umbilical complete.

Listen to the voice

Hold the melon-hand tail with one hand and pat watermelon waist level, if it sounds dull and with a sense of shock that have been mature and hydrated. Sounds just like Rare, belly flap, the lower the audio, if audio, such as the first film that is less than cooked.

Increase with the field mapping
Cooking melons
Pork rind

The green part of the rind removed, the rest of the cut sheet, or the meat from the pan into the fried pork cooked about 7 minutes, then add rind stir-fry 2 minutes.

Cold melons

Cut melons green parts, cut the remaining wire, such as adding vinegar cucumber salad, sesame oil, sugar, minced garlic, etc., and then into the refrigerator, a summer appetizer.

Experts say

Watermelon Seed Company of Taiwan nursery manager Levin's
Watermelon is a tropical fruit, easy to put a fridge chilling, the proposed split after a half wrap with plastic wrap, into a small cardboard box and then frozen, to avoid direct contact with flesh air conditioning can reduce the chilling injury, retaining the best taste.
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