7. Do not drink the detergent!

Friends cousin died car accident, after cremation the bones are yellow, 
Pick up the bone before life people say that kind of thing must really love Coke, and he like that! 
2 days knows that McDonald's has stopped selling Diet Coca it! 
You may read below, but in case you have not read, please read it.
Know a friend passed away due to kidney failure and young mothers 
She has lived in that hospital in Bo Temi month, and drank only a glass of water every day, 
Doctors of the medications, but it seems too late. 
According to her said, 
She used to drink lunch every day "non-alcoholic (Non-alcohol) drink," or called "soft drink (soft drink)" 
(Note: that the United States and the United States that there are many different colors, a variety of flavors, sweet, tended to have the bubble, ice drinks, including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, soft drinks, SARS, and even more viable flaunt what Oliver, bifidus bacteria ... etc.). 
Although only a cup a day, 
It is enough to destroy the organs necessary to sustain life, 
She finally passed away in October last year, 
Leave a one-year old son! Please read on! 
Risk of non-alcoholic drinks! 
This article is written very clearly that they like to drink from Coca-Cola and Pepsi viewed ╱. 
Cleaning the toilet: Pour a can of Coca-Cola in the toilet, let this be a live one-hour coke, and then flush. 
Citric acid would like cola vitreous ceramic (Note: refers to the toilet) on the stain removed. 
Remove dirt and rust bumper car: the crumpled piece of aluminum foil (Annotation: the general kitchen scrub brush aluminum pot) soaked in Coca-Cola, the used scrub bumper. 
Clean car battery terminals: pour the entire Coca-Cola cans in the electrode, the cola remove rust bubble. 
Loosen rusty bolts: the piece of cloth soaked in Coca-Cola, the scrub corroded bolts, twist a few minutes. 
Remove clothing and oil: the whole bunch of cans of Coke fell on the greasy clothes, add detergent, and then cleaning work. Coca-Cola can help grease separation. It can also clear the windshield of the smog. 
And we drank this stuff is stupidly's! 
Coca-Cola & Pepsi are provided with reference to the average pH of soft drinks, like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, is 3.4. 
The PH 3.4 to pH can be acid can dissolve your teeth and bones. 
Our 30-year-old body to the bone to stop manufacturing. 
After the bone through the urine, there will be 8-18 percent per year will be dissolved in vitro, 
This loss rate depends acidity of food intake. (Acidity does not mean the taste of food, but to potassium, calcium and magnesium ratio of phosphonium) 
All the dissolved calcium content in the blood vessels are arteries, veins, skin, tissue and organ accumulation. 
This will affect renal function (such as kidney stones). 

Intake of vitamins and minerals to the source, the 
Soft drinks did not have any nutritional value. 
They only have more sugar, acidity, and saccharin, and pigments such additives. 
Some people like to drink cold soft drinks after the meal, 
Think about it: We have the best body to maintain the operation of the digestive enzymes in the body temperature is 37 degrees. 
And cold soft drinks is far lower than 37 degrees, sometimes even close to zero, this would have any effect body organs. 
The real situation is as follows: 
1. This will reduce the enzyme's function, 
2. But also increase the burden on the digestive system, 
3. And thus less food to digest, 
4. In fact, these foods will therefore fermentation. 
5. Fermented food produce bad gas, the formation of toxins, which is absorbed by our intestines, and send the body in the blood vessels in the loop. 
6. Toxin delivery, will lead to the formation of various diseases. 

Please be sure to drink a Coke or Pepsi or other soft drinks before the think about the consequences and end. 
You can drink a bottle of gas in the beverage drink pledge, what is your thought? 
You are swallowing is something harmful to us, which is the world no one would suggest that you drink. 
Daly university two months ago in a game: to see who can drink the most Coke 
The winner drank eight bottles, and died on the spot 
Because too many blood vessels containing carbon dioxide, and not enough oxygen. 
From that after the President to prohibit soft drinks at the university canteen trafficking. 
Some people will fall on the Pepsi in the ten days of the teeth, the teeth it was dissolved. 
Teeth and bones only after the death of the body, can still be saved without the missing organs. 
Think about this drink, 
Will you make vulnerable the stomach wall and what kind of injuries? 
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