5. Holographic hand precious points chart, good health!

Massage or press these points, almost reduced overall disease.

Fingers of the corresponding meridian and the correspondingorgans:
Heart and lung lung meridian thumb
Large intestine meridian index finger stomach, intestines and digestive organs
Pericardium meridian facial middle finger, the liver
Triple burner meridian ring lungs and respiratory system
Little finger of the small intestine meridian heart, kidney, circulatory system

Health fingers are the same: nails pink, shiny, medium thickness,softness and hardness, not easy to break, smooth surface,

Half-moon nail root (a half months, also known as health circles) were white. Unhealthy different fingers: a half color

Gray: possible energy is weak, easily lead to anemia, fatigue,weakness.
Pink: organs function may decline, physical exertion is too large,easily lead to diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other diseases.
Purple: easily lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular blood circulation and poor oxygen supply shortage prone to dizziness, headache, atherosclerosis.
Black: more common in severe heart disease, cancer or long-termmedication.


A half area of ​​the best: area of ​​the nail 1 / 5.
Less than 1 / 5: said low energy, poor digestion.

If a half a sudden dull, narrow, disappear, should prevent some ofthe early consumption of disease, cancer, and bleeding.

Stay up all night, sex is excessive, a half will disappear, very difficult to grow.
Greater than 1 / 5: mostly cardiac hypertrophy, prone tocardiovascular, hypertension, stroke and other diseases.

State of dark nail color, a number of vertical distribution: This is a manifestation of the body of water shortage,

And the fingers corresponding to the function of organs and tissues of the body weak.
Color, dark, uneven, a number of horizontal distribution:

This is the manifestation of anemia and malnutrition, or a few months ago has been physically transferred.
Hand there are six meridian of the organs and body tissues, organs of communication.

About 99 points (regions) can reflect the health of body organs andbody tissues of various organs, organs of communication.

Health Fitness hand anytime, anywhere: the use of fingers fitness operation, the biggest advantage is that any time:

Allow time for lengthy meetings more meaningful, the computer ten minutes before the break with the content, fasting is no longer impatient waiting for the meal ... ...

The prospect of all this is, as long as we want, all hands and idle time can be a health time.

Basic health care: five fingers massage
Massage can relieve thumb: heart disease, allergic dermatitis, hair loss, sore throat;
Index finger massage can relieve: constipation, loss of appetite, stomach pain, chronic gastritis;
Massage can relieve the middle finger: liver disease, fatigue, appetite, tinnitus, dizziness;
Ring finger massage can ease: a cold, sore throat, headache, frequent urination, sweating, cold house;
Little finger massage can relieve: back pain, back pain, irregular menstruation, visual fatigue, obesity, insomnia.


1. First, the left hand massage. Press the right hand thumb and index finger on both sides of the left thumb, feeling pain when to insist on for 10 seconds.
2. The right hand index finger and thumb grip the left thumb up and down, respectively, pushing down, adhere to 3 seconds.
3. For the right hand massage, the same way.


Finger pain: five fingers of each fingertip Meridian, corresponding to different internal organs. Small fingers will begin to pinch the nail root,

Then beat and turn, and if your fingertips are particularly pain in that organ associated with this meridian may be a problem.

Thumb tip pain: respiratory system problems. Small business on the thumb hole, and lung are closely related. Such as lung disease pressure in this area may be painful jump.
Fresh finger pain: possible colon problems. Business Yang points on the index finger, constipation and pain when the pressure of the finger felt.

Pain in the finger: Possible cardiovascular discomfort. Red on the middle finger in the hole, the heart can not stand the discomfort due to illness, here will feel pain.

Anonymous tip that the pain: It may be sore throat or headache.Red points on the ring finger, rub the area when the fever can relieve symptoms.

Little finger pain: heart or small intestine may be a problem. Close to the ring finger little finger side of a small red hole, the other side of a small Ze points. Less red and the heart is closely related to

Heart attack, pushing down the little finger finger, you can alleviate the condition; less Ze is associated with the small intestine meridian, indigestion, you can press hard on the site.

Just the right joint for the case
Just the right question is not related to the corresponding finger, can ease the pain. 3 minutes each operation day 1 - 2 times.
Liver: right thumb pinching the two joints.
Tinnitus: pinching hands ring finger three joints.
Diabetes: the left thumb pinching the two joints.
Hypertension: According to the root of the left little finger.
Heart disease: pinching the inside of his left little finger three joints.
Dysmenorrhea: hands index finger pinching the three joints.
Eyestrain: pinching his right middle finger three joints.


Upgrade and maintenance: a flexible health refers to the operation:
As reflected in the hands of the health of the body, the hand will not ignore health.

We often of the keyboard, text message, the "mouse hand", "keyboard player", "SMS hand" not hand the honorary title.

Some for finger dexterity, finger joints do not practice toughness, the following can be free to choose.
Walk away: his hands swinging violently in the chest, wrist about 10 seconds. Can promote blood circulation of hand.
Drop: the fist in the chest with both hands, imagine the hands of the ball. Grip force, number of Mo 5 sound, try to set aside open fingers. Can be a strong hand and wrist, the fingers flexible.
Fillip: hands and fingers simulate playing the piano, playing one by one starting from the thumb to the palm. Repeat 20 times. Can exercise the control and hand activity.
Pressure means: the ten fingers to separate the pulp relative, forced on the pressure. Acid until the pain until the knuckles.Repeat 10 times. Can exercise knuckles toughness and flexibility.
Push palm: hands together in prayer in the chest, left wrist forced into the right hand of cooperation to maintain and post to the left.Can be a strong wrist, and enhance the flexibility of the wrist or palm.
Rubbing means: rubbing with the thumb and index finger clip finger massage from the root refers to the fingertips. Can promote blood circulation fingers.
Pull means: the right hand holding a turn left thumb, and then forced straightened out, pulling each finger in turn, change the other hand to repeat the same action.

Finger blood circulation can help smooth, strong ligaments.
For that: the fingers of both hands in order to exchange on that movement. Flexibility to exercise the fingers and brain response coordination.
Relax: Let overhanging arm, free rock, hard rock and then, until the date of hand completely relaxed.


Some things about massage

The power of massage: for most points and reflex zones, it is not painful to have no effect, so the need to stimulate strong point, the pain a little heavier.

But the force is also not too heavy, as long as there is obvious pain on the line.

Massage, the force after the first light weight, increasing strength, to the maximum acceptable so far.

Massage order: first the left hand massage men, after the right hand; women the contrary, the first right, then left.

If not enough time, as long as a hand massage points on it.

Fatigue points carefully: massage several times a few days later, her condition improved and points of tenderness lessens, the disease signs of improvement.

If the condition does not improve, the tenderness was slow, this is the point of fatigue.

The same left and right points, you can turn right and left point massage.


Massage considerations
A massage before the break.
2 binge drinking, meal, bath and fatigue within 1 hour when not to do hand massage.
3 If the initial acid after local rubbing, slight pain, swelling and feeling, this is the reason excessive force, should reduce the intensity.
4 hand-hole location is relatively small, massage, some number of points available instrumentation, such as the fountain pen, ball pen and other tail (must be smooth and rounded) Press points.
5 Remember that massage natural breathing, do not hold your breath.


Fingers, toes and more rubbing, insomnia, headache and do not worry.
Healthy brain, often rubbing the thumb, index finger rubbing gastrointestinal often good.

Often rub the middle finger to a strong heart, the liver often rubbing ring finger peace.
Zhuang kidneys often rubbing the little finger.

The health of the body's response to acupuncture points and reflex zones in the hands and watching TV, and others, such as cars,
   Can do to health care manual operation is necessary to move themselves Oh!

Ten of the strong heart,

Hands on the plug head clear,

Rotary joint through the meridians,
Supination stretch muscles loose, rubbed his fingers cured headache,

Four off-line massage blood, turn shoulder shoulder shake loose the cervical,

A cool angle of the spirit of earnest
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