6. Wolfberry make me whole process of pollen allergy

About fall and winter of 2002 when I was using the computer too much, dry eyes, vision loss, eyes and think of wolfberry, wolfberrybegan to bubble tea to drink, dry eye syndrome immediate next day just fine. So I'm off to drink tea, wolfberry, and sometimes addtea, sometimes adding chrysanthemum, sometimes single bubblewolfberry.
Spring and summer of 2003, my pollen allergy season, in previous years will be very tough battle, the results of that year to a day or two have mild reactions, itchy eyes and stuffy nose, but a friendsaid that year's pollen is heavier than in previous years. At this point I think, is not a treatment of pollen allergy wolfberry effect?Therefore, whether the rule Lycium pollen allergies, I have nopreconceptions of. By-product of purely eye.

Since then, I am more insist on drinking wolfberry tea, then add new daisy Dongyang package, there are licorice, sweet tea, I like to drink, has been using the kind of prescription, and pollenallergies light year after year, to 2010 (Correction: in 2009) years, there is no perceptible symptoms of the.

If you are allergic to pollen at this time, wolfberry tea you haveimmediate effect, I do not know, because I am from pollen allergyseason began six months ago. But if you insist, next year shouldsee the kingdom of the effect of it.
Now my tea prescription is:
Wolfberry (10 + teeth), chrysanthemum (6-8 flowers), Hawthorn (2-3 pieces), Mulberry (5-6 stars), honeysuckle (5-8 flowers), licorice(2-4 pieces)
Are bought separately, their combination, with the usual personalinsulation foam cups boiling water, soak 3-6 cups, light taste, andnew ones tea bags.
Good things do not hide;) Hope useful for you. The eyes of pollenallergy, anti-aging have helped.
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