3. Water ~ This you must know

Water ~ This you must know

Bedtime, bath time, loss of water volume, has to develop before going to bed without food,

Do not drink habits,

Likely to cause blood in the water shortage, caused by brain

The risk of infarction or myocardial infarction.

Consumption in sleep one or two cups will

Water, from after dinner to get up the next morning before, if you do not add water
Or almost dawn the next morning to get up at the right time, the most prone to blood clots, heart attacks caused by blocked blood vessel and brain disease.

People like the customary bath before going to bed, wash clean in the shower and then go to bed, but most likely lost when the bath water,

So the doctor suggested that immediately after a bath should pay points.

If you have a bath habits, you should take a bath and drink a large glass of water before, so as not to stay too long in the bathroom, the loss of excessive moisture, light also occurs difficulty breathing, shock phenomenon.

Summer, air conditioners Shuijue little sleep well, but the role of dry air with moisture, it will be the loss of moisture,

So there are open air sleeping habits of people should drink water before going to bed,

But do not drink tea, because the doctor said, tea has a diuretic effect, but will discharge more water than drink it, causing the opposite effect, even if there will be no effect of caffeine pick-me person, not suitable for tea before going to bed.

Public health secrets to save money

Water companies believe you do not know how much was water, the water is equal to it in the end!?

Once water = one tonne (= one cubic liter = 1,000 kg = 1,000) in other words, once the water can hold 53 gallons = 5 vats or barrels of gasoline = 1667 bottles of beer bottles you know?
Buy a bottle of mineral water is equivalent to the price of 20 yuan = 2424 bottles of water! ! So 20 yuan a great

We advise you to minimize the desire to buy mineral water! !

Drink lots of water, save money and health! !

The medical profession found a way to use mouth to mouth to drink mineral water, if not just a small amount of oral disease in Pseudomonas aeruginosa into the bottle,

This bottle will become agar, 12 hours later, the number of bacteria is enough to cause a sore throat! !

Fear after the release of mineral water will be slow moving, so the vendors can not publish, but the professor of the medical profession, or advise you to drink mineral water, do not touch the bottle! !

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