7. Trace of radioactive contamination of water washed out with s

The first nuclear power plant in Fukushima frequent explosions, the outside world than worry about the reactor meltdown, but also worried about meltdown will result in hazardous radiation exposure.

United States, "Cable News Network" (CNN) reported today that the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, about 160 people in the region measured radiation test positive. Rescue mission in Japan, the U.S. Navy helicopter crew, 17 people showed low-level radiation. However, the U.S. Navy said the crew washed with soap and water after the body had been undetectable radioactivity.

Columbia University (Columbia University) Director of Radiology Research Center, Bu Ruina (David Brenner) said that the current radiation levels are still low, but the next 24 to 48 hours is the key.

Ionizing radiation (ionizing radiation) has four main types. α-particles (Alpha particles) is relatively heavy, when leakage can not penetrate human skin or clothing, but if the other way into the body, would harm the human body. Beta radiation (Beta radiation) can cause skin damage, is harmful to the body organs. Gamma rays and X-ray (Gammaand X-rays) is the invisible high energy beam, may hurt the organization, the most harmful to human body.

U.S. National Committee on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NationalCouncil on Radiation Protection and Measurement) study found that nearly half the U.S. population from medical radiation sources, such as computed tomography (CT scans), X-ray and nuclear medicine. However, the sun, the stars and the soil will release radiation.

1 person 1 year average of about 3,000 micro-West radiation pollution (microsieverts). To facilitate us to understand the meanings behind the data, so to speak, according to a second micro-CT will have 3000 West, but only maintaining a few minutes.

The farther you are from the sources, the gamma rays were harmful to the lower pollution damage.

Generally, the greater the amount of radioactive contamination, toxic symptoms to come sooner and the more intense.

Nausea and vomiting are the initial symptoms of radiation poisoning. 10 minutes will be a serious disease, the immediate dizziness, weak, low blood pressure phenomenon. If the poisoning is slight, an individual may be 6 hours after onset.

According to the Mayo Clinic (Mayo Clinic), just take off their clothes and shoes to be minus 9 percent of the external radiation pollution, use soap and water can wash off the radiation on the skin. Inhale or eat it to reduce your risk of particles into the radiation, but also reduce the open wound may be contaminated.

Radioactive iodine (radioactive iodine) are harmful, so KI (potassium iodide) can protect the thyroid from damage.

In view of Fukushima nuclear power plant is the first leak of radioactive iodine, the Japanese authorities are released iodine to the nearby residents.
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