1. Ten years later the price is really great! --- bath milk prob
Bath fear induced breast milk containing preservatives 

Will be used daily bath milk bath every day and close contact with the skin, care will wash out sick! Milk bath which has a component called PARABEN, shower gel is used to prevent deterioration of the preservative, but physicians in breast cancer biopsies, also found that the composition of PARABEN! Three percent of the market milk bath, containing the potentially carcinogenic substances more than a decade if the long-term use may be dangerous! 
Gently click, immediately spit out a thick shower gel bottles, San Liangxia immediately clean yo. But appear to be normal shower gel, and breast cancer have even connected! 
Biopsy in breast cancer in the medical community, I found the ingredients called PARABEN is hidden in the bath milk, shower gel is used to inhibit the deterioration of the preservative. As this PARABEN not cause skin lesions, so most people do not have symptoms of use, once more than a decade, it could result in induced breast cancer, skin detoxification is weak child, but also do not touch! 
Reporters on the ground Watch stores, shelf milk bath with PARABEN ingredients, there is as much as up to three! Doctors suggest that if you really need one, to carefully look at the time of purchase is not contained PARABEN ingredients, if you can best use the glycerine soap in the basement, as a simple non-perishable ingredients. Do not for a moment the myth of the fragrant, the wrong body soap, or years later, the price is really great! 
In short, can change the concept of one's life 
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