5. Less angry

What you resist, what would be expanded; you wait and see what, will disappear.

Regardless of your problem is with people facing conflict,quarrel, or criticized by others, attack insult
If you go to fight, the problem will expand and continue.

We all can understand, as long as there is confrontation, there will be conflict. there will be opposition, but conflict and confrontation will lead to anger. resentment. attack,and then to go on forever.

On the contrary,
Just let yourself calm down, then no matter what youwait and see what will disappear.

You do not need to bother to find any reason to defend themselves, as long as calm down, your behavior will show the best reason in itself.

No effort to dispute you, as long as calm down, and you are a no-brainer, right speech will naturally produce.

You do not need to deliberately control their emotions, as long as nothing goes without saying that under thequiet, do nothing, nothing care about, naturally calmstate of mind.

The so-called observation of nature contented, as long as we calm down the heart until the heart of the sludgesedimentation, the lake naturally clarify your problems,naturally disappeared.

Mentioned Agama Buddha when things open for thefaithful always [make it soft heart tone]
Method only for that (good words are working with)

So bless you keep an easily moved heart, soft heart,compassion, all the world to accept the imperfections, and can see all the good that this worl
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