25. Magical ...... banana peel

A middle-aged men, farmers, five years ago, a small tumor behind a long, slowly increasing, this year has been a large egg,

Early spring to the provincial capital of a hospital for examination, to enable patients to surgical treatment, the cost over five thousand yuan, suffers from not afford to,

Came back to find I asked a friend, I observed that this affected area with a banana skin test result, two days after the automatic opening

Many pus out, and even medicine no clothes, no auto-healing wounds a few days.

The first half, I called a former colleague, described her daughter from the bottom of a cell block on the students, do not want surgery,

I grant you a simple way, I also informed the rub with banana,

Later this week, telephone, recovered by this method have subsided.

Acupuncture is simple and practical, low cost,

We do not need to know what ingredients it contains, only that it's practical value can be.

Banana skin banana skin contains pigment, can be treated by the fungal and bacterial infections of the skin caused by pruritus.

There are only polydipsia banana skin, lungs and intestines, blood, by the essence of other effects.

Ginger banana peel can be pounded with anti-inflammatory pain; hand, foot rub with banana peel, can prevent chapped, frostbite.

Every autumn and winter in the second quarter, many people will suffer from dry chapped hand, foot, rub with banana peel a few days, immediate impact,

Lubricate the skin, not dry, can also be used to facial beauty treatment athlete's foot works well.


Father of the first joint of the right index finger, there is a crack, and he wiping twice, crack to heal, he has half a millimeter wide cracks;

My mother's fingers easily from the small blisters, told her, she tried, I feel good effect,

Were previously small blisters with a needle to pick open, put the wine bubble to go to a few days to do.

Rub with banana peel, to heal the wounds the next day.

And she said, rubbing banana peel into the next day do not immediately wipe better.

The inside with a banana peel and the banana pulp is the contact side.

Flat wart treatment, topical; a few months ago my husband left cheek, a long flat warts, has been expanded.

I search the web site in English to find a recipe: take the banana, including endothelial, attached to the affected area for 2 times a day.

After three days, warts really dry off, and its effectiveness as a god.

I would like tropical fruit contains powerful anti-endothelial about it mold material.


Amount of nails scraping banana endothelial (white inner cortex)

General external use on rubber patch, and attached to the affected area, paste density (otherwise easy to do.) Changed twice a day.

Banana peel of Hypertension: 30 grams of banana peel, dried Shuijianbi, Japan three times a month bear fruit.

I am suffering from psoriasis patients over 30 years, seen in Western medicine, been hospitalized, also used the remedies are ineffective;

Even Benelong said this summer, it was rubbing the affected area with a banana skin disease is cured, it will try to wipe a few times a day,

Rub a few days do not think itch. Continuous rubbing of the past two months, the skin can not afford to gradually smooth the skin is not itchy,

Two months after drug withdrawal no change. I just want to clarify is the local prevalence of small area (the lower leg and head.)

Itch athlete's foot, tried again, and immediately does not itch;

I have psoriasis right foot back, there are two hot water bottle in the area, for four years,

The banana peel the paint 18 times, a good 80%, will continue to apply to the good so far;

Legs with a friend about 3 times the 5 cm of the skin dry, itchy hard and black colors,

Banana coated with substantially improved the situation a few times, soft, itch, lighter color,

There are no and then cover, there are repeated indications, the color has changed again, deep.

Here are two shoulder skin dryness, hard "chicken skin" coated with a banana peel after a few soft, not completely good.

I have used the banana peel Fu Yan, formerly red-eye, and said what pins fight .... afraid of the pain.

Fu Yan Lung said banana peel to cure it, use it in an afternoon just fine.

Old Chinese medicine jingle, too applied:

Pears good lungs and phlegm, diarrhea and nutritious apple.
Effective weight loss of cucumber, kiwi fruit inhibit cancer.
Face of blood to help tomato, lotus root Chufan wonderful hangover.

Orange good qi and phlegm, kidney warm leek knee waist.
In addition to flatulence digestion radish, celery can cure high blood pressure.
Cabbage diuretic row toxins, cauliflower eat less cancer.
Swelling and diuretic melon, green bean detoxification high efficacy.

San stasis fungus cancer, kidney swelling yam consumption.
Loose silt Results kelp iodine, mushrooms contain cancer cells.
Pepper fend off the cold and dampness, onion spicy ginger for colds.
Pig milk supplement fish, liver goat liver good eyesight.
Yishenqiangxin waist eating walnuts, dates Jianshen Spleen eat.
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