23. Stroke symptoms
A friend, at a BBQ party, the fall, next to the Friends helped, but she was sure right,

Only a pair of new shoes a plate of about Bale.

While she was still shivering, not standing firm, Friends helped her clean, but also for her, and got a plate of food, she happily enjoyed.

Her husband later called to tell, she was taken to hospital, at last,passed away due to her BBQ party stroke.

If they know how to identify symptoms of a stroke, she might still be staying with us.

Some people do not die, but the result is helpless and desperate condition.

It only takes one minute to read this article, brain surgeon, if he canreach within three hours of stroke patients, he can alter the strokeconsequences completely.

The trick is how to diagnose a stroke, and let the patient withinthree hours for medical treatment, and this is very difficult.

Identification of a stroke!

Let us remember to thank God STR three steps, read and learn!

Sometimes difficult to identify a stroke, unfortunately, it will bringdisaster.

Not recognize symptoms of stroke, stroke patients will suffer from serious brain injury.

The doctor said, others just ask three simple questions todiagnose a stroke:

S: (smile) Ask the patient to smile about

T: (talk) Request the patient say a simple sentence (must be reasonable and consecutive), for example: weather is sunny today.

R: (raise) the patient to raise both hands

Another signs of stroke are: the patient to extrude his tongue,
If the tongue is "bent"or leaning towards one side, that is also a symptom of stroke.
The above four actions, if patients can not do any action,
You should dial 119! ! ! And a symptom of stroke.

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