4. Every life ...... 』『 happens is God's invitation

I took her mother to go shopping, Fana, yeah I still have things to do; brother to me, by car,
in every possible way a willing heart; 

His brother called to get their books for fees, call, really hard to make money; parents came to complain to the problem of child rearing do not want to hear; colleagues in the evening called to complain mind, really want to hang up; the car is dirty, to wash; dogsmelly, and take a bath ... bothersome! 

The interaction between people, it is inevitable agitated; life chores, day after day, sometimes even moving mouth feel tired to eat, how to finish a lot of things every day. 

Until one day visit to the hospital due to inhalation of carbon monoxide poisoning careless friend, to see past the dynamic, active in the workplace of the big construction companies and now he can only be wrapped in diapers, distorted limbs, nose stuck in stomach, throat a hole placed a tube. 

To the consumption of time, just listen to the nurse said loudly, "eat" to start with a large syringe, quickly minced into a pile of food to a friend's stomach, goes without a minute or two times, and then hear nurses said: "Well, eat a" friend looked at me helplessly. 

A meal before the accident, I was with him at the same table, but also remember that he was complaining about the scene while eating. 

He knew that if he was alive the last time to open our mouths to chew food, delicious experience with the taste buds, I think, that both the meal he will eat fragrant and sweet! 

Out of the hospital door, looking back to life bit by bit, tell myself to be happily set my mother to go shopping, take the car his brother, his brother paid for the cost of books, listening to their parents talk, car washing, wash the dog ... these annoying in daily life that may not be Day after day, "perhaps the last time in life. 

Cherish every person, thing together cause a moment to complete with a loving heart, lasting bonds with the donation. 

People get along, to have an idea, not Salford is Xiuhui, in other words, help and learning. 
Salford is to help others, Xiu Hui is to learn the experience of others, advantages. 
If the heart and the right of life, although there are worrying you, as long as the idea of ​​a turn, they will not think it is a chore, 
Because the opportunity to help others to grow Ford, and others of their own beneficial, it will be happy giving better! 

Some people may think that other people's verbal abuse, making things difficult, it is hard too familiar. 

This is also like, but in life, many of which need to be patient, if the present can be used as a learning "tolerance" 

I believe the "plight" the situation will be improved. Because the study of people, stamina is always relatively large. 

To know that life is many things to encounter, nor is it how you want to be, totally acceptable as long as the Society of everything, everything will become better, always remember that all people around Thanksgiving and things. 

Life to help you, not the face that says I am the help of your 』,

『 with mine every time, is God's invitation.
』『 Who is this God? In fact, God is in your heart,

or the God in You!
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