1. Healthy cooker: Frequently Asked Questions

1. The machine is behind a range hood fan; it a voice in the course of normal.

2. Cook rice  was  rice : water ----- 1:1.5

3. The pot can not remember anything to scratch with a sharp.

4.  Do not put all the ingredients are oil to be cooked; Internet users call it the "magic the pot" .

5.  Normal use will not be broken for 3~5 years.

6.  In fact it is not a small capacity, it can cook two dishes is no problem.

7.  Fried fish is the best weapon.

8.  It can cooke anything food but don't need oil anymore. 

9.  It controls  the temperature of 180 degrees (up and down heating);

     we  compare  a traditional pot's bottom heat only.  

10. Low temperature cooking of the food is great, and will not destroy the nutrition,

     can cause cancer (this is the principle of the concept of cold pot)
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