19. Don't expect to live longer, but for disease-free

I was in hospital for 40 years, most people died is very painful. The purpose of me is very clear, I am entrusted by the Science, the Ministry of Health ordered to the instructions in the hope that everyone who value health care.

The United Nations put forward a slogan: "Do not die of ignorance." Many people die of ignorance, this is wrong ah. Many of us are confused, know nothing of health, so our work can be done, because every day we are in an unhealthy, sub-healthy state.I've seen a lot of people, Kai-shek met in my Long Island, they all live very long, are more than 100 years old. They can live, why can not we live. I am very surprised, many of us make do live, this idea is lethal.


We know how to care, right? In fact, the international meeting in Victoria, there is a declaration, the declaration of three milestones, the first one is called a balanced diet, and the second is called aerobic exercise, and the third is called state of mind. The three milestones are known internationally, but many of us do not know.The three milestones of the title will not change, and the content will change at any time.


A balanced diet

Now I say the first question, balanced diet. Some people have long believed that what is pleasant health, good health is not going to bed early to get up early. I tell you, the Tang dynasty so to speak, it is extremely ignorant to say, many things are changing. The so-called balanced diet, drink, eat two major categories. Let me start eating the first question, "drinking" problem.

When I asked the students at the university, something to drink best? Students answered in unison: "Coca Cola"; Coca-Cola does not recognize the United States, not internationally recognized, it can only quench their thirst, without any health effects. What is health care products, we want to know, it may be to treat the disease.


International Conference on the set of the six kinds of health products: the first green tea; second red wine; third milk; fourth yogurt (yogurt is you); people do not mention milk, your attention to the Rights; fifth bone soup; s Six mushroom soup.

Why mention mushroom soup?

Because mushrooms can improve immune function. An office was the old cold, it was old and not sick, why? Immune function is not the same. Drinking mushroom soup can improve the immune system, it is health care.


So why mention the bone soup?

Wan plastic soup with bones, Wan gum is longevity, so now the world has a bone soup Street, and China did not. So do not underestimate the bone soup, it can prolong life, because there wan plastic.

Why mention yogurt?

Because yogurt is to maintain the balance of bacteria. Maintain the balance of bacteria is the so-called beneficial bacteria growth, elimination of harmful bacteria, so eating yogurt may reduce the disease's. Milk itself, we do not deny its role, but with far worse compared to yogurt. There are milk, followed by talk.

Why do I say the following to drink green tea.

Why is green tea health effects? Tuo tea green tea which contains the original phenol, while phenol is a cancer lump of tea. Do a particularly good survey of Japan. They finished the census said more than 40 years of age who do not have a no cancer cells in vivo. Why do some people get cancer, it was not, that is, a relationship with drinking green tea. If you drink four cups of green tea, cancer cells do not split, and even split also delayed more than 9 years. Tuo tea containing green tea phenols, it is cancer, in all the drinks in green tea is first and foremost.

Second, please note that green tea contains fluoride. The fluoride effect? It is not only strong teeth, but also eliminate cavities, eliminate plaque. Three minutes after a meal, teeth plaque will appear. Now many of us have bad teeth, not only do not take tea and mouthwash, and even white water does not rinse, do not know where the problem lies. Do you want to, if the teeth, of course you live longer friends. Many of us ignore the fact you do not bother, you'll get tea mouthwash plaque elimination and strong teeth. This is a small thing, we should insist on doing.


Third, green tea itself with Canning, Canning tea is to improve the toughness of blood vessels, so blood is not easy to break. First green tea anti-cancer, the second can be strong teeth, the third cerebral vascular rupture is not easy, why not drink ah. Others bicker with me: I could not sleep after tea how to do? Who told you before bedtime tea.

The second drink red wine.

Why? The original skin of red grapes, there was something called "reverse the alcohol."

This reversal of the alcohol you do not know, it is the whole anti-aging, one that people like to drink the anti-aging. It is also anti-oxidants, drinks red wine may not heart disease. Secondly it can help prevent sudden cardiac arrest, we call abrupt stop. We all know, under what circumstances can arrest the heart, the first that there are heart disease, high blood pressure in the second, the third has a relationship with food. What food? Too large, excellent, too sticky, hot food can make cardiac arrest, cardiac arrest can make high blood lipids. The risk of high blood lipids where?Sudden cardiac arrest.


A 20-year-old boy, and he came out of the blood is pulpy, very dangerous. We asked him, he said, eating great. Are not you eating too well, but eating too unreasonable. We have a case, a person in the street to buy a big cake, and hard, and sticky, hot, let the woman ran home quickly to eat a door, do not cold, just eat a few mouthfuls of the old lady to die the. The old lady ran to the hospital with his back to the hospital, we asked him how he's going, he said, just eat rice cakes to the old lady. This is what ignorance does not belong! No rescue came. Too good to be the old lady at home, what to eat rice cakes all right Yeah, cardiac arrest after eating a rice cake. Now the international community has repeatedly stressed, is too large, excellent, too sticky, overheating will cause cardiac arrest.

Therefore, the rich red wine, grapes do not have money, like spit grape skin health.


On the morning exercise (that is, exercise is) the problem in China, many people do not know. I returned from abroad, see a lot of the old man, old woman carrying a sword on the morning of 5,6 points out. In the evening, the Chinese old man, old lady could not see, are at home watching TV. Why difference between the two countries, how big? This is they do not understand, can not blame the elderly, no one told them. Morning exercise is very dangerous, morning, people's biological clock rule is the high temperature, high blood pressure, and epinephrine 4 times higher than the evening, if you intense exercise, it is easy to trouble, prone to cardiac arrest. We are not against the morning walk, doing gymnastics, tai chi, qigong. This is justifiable. However, if the morning of intense exercise in the elderly, engage in long-distance running, Pa Xiangshan, there was no benefit to be detrimental, but mortality is high.

Do not you long-distance running may not die, do not climb may not die, called from ignorance, the result is harm to their own.

Weak base of human need. What is a weak base? Vegetables and fruit. All developed countries, all countries are healthy vegetables, fruits consumed the most. You do not care, they will order, useless.


Besides eating the second question, "food" issue. We all know that the best Asian pyramid. What is Pyramid? Cereals, pulses, vegetable species. This valley, beans, vegetables very well, meeting in San Francisco raised a lot of foreign doctors, and said, not right, the Chinese have been eating Valley, beans, vegetables, and has started eating our burgers came. As far as I know, why do people call it junk food, because it is an extreme food, the consequences are as thick and down, with the same baggage volumes. People do not eat, because we still have to eat to lose weight. We do not know, every day, McDonald's, McDonald's, especially the second generation simply can not live without friends. We should know that it is extreme food, not in our eating habits.

"Valley", people at international conferences never mentioned rice, flour, not to mention McDonald's. Cereals in the first mention is the old corn (maize or corn is you), said to be "golden crop." The origins of corn, the American Medical Association made a survey and found that the original Americans, the Indians did a high blood pressure, no one atherosclerosis. Had to eat corn to eat. Later discovered that corn contains a lot of lecithin, linoleic acid, grain alcohol, VE, so I do not have hypertension and arteriosclerosis.Since then, the United States changed, the Americas, Africa, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, China, in the morning eat a corn soup. Many people take lecithin doing now? Hope not atherosclerosis. But he did not know old corn with the most, do not spend more. After the screening, I immediately corrected, I insist on 6 years in the United States, and every day to drink polenta. I am 70 years old, energetic, full of energy, resonant voice, quite unashamedly, and the face does not wrinkle. Why? Polenta drink to drink, believe it or not. You drink your milk, I drink my polenta, we see who live longer.


Nine ten drug toxicity, have not heard giving medicine to health care, the emperor did not do it, do not Emperor, you can not.

But I have to declare: I am not against medication against the medication is Li Hongzhi. I am against indiscriminate medication, I suggest that medication, "a short, flat, fast." Short period of time to take medicine, eat medicine safe, rapid withdrawal.


The following stresses "Valley, beans, and vegetables" in the "beans."

Ministry of Health has put forward now, "Soybean Action Plan," is about "a handful of vegetables, beans, an egg, add a little meat."

Soy protein is equal to one or two twenty-two lean, mean two or three eggs, equivalent to four ounces of rice, you should ate? Now the international community knew. The United States each year on August 15 as the country's "Tofu Festival", we do not Tofu Festival.They do not lack high-quality protein, nutrition they think is the flower of soybean, bean king. Soybeans at least 5 anti-cancer substances, especially isoflavones, it can prevent, treat breast cancer, but have only soybeans. Soy milk good or better? United Nations international meeting that is lactose-containing milk, and two-thirds of the world's people do not absorb lactose, the yellow race in Asia, 70% of people do not absorb lactose, we are yellow.Some people drink milk, but did not absorb much. Uptake of milk is the biggest white. What are the advantages milk? Containing soy milk are oligosaccharides, it is 100% absorbed. And soy milk also contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, calcium content than milk and more. ! There is no anti-cancer substances in milk, and milk, there are 5 kinds of anti-cancer substances.

Here on "Valley, beans, and vegetables" in "food." The first international conference to mention the food is carrots.


Why mention carrots?

Compendium of Materia Medica in China is written seductive vegetables. Do not see anything at night, especially night blindness, like eating. It protects the mucous membranes, long-term eating carrots is not easy to get cold. Americans believe that the carrot is a beauty dish, keep hair, skin care, and raised mucosa. People do eat carrots beauty from the inside out. This concept of beauty should be internal and external harmony, and we fooled a lot of girls, and she wiped the cosmetics Aspect better, than the original one uninstall still ugly. First, it raised mucosa, is not easy to cold; Second, it fit; Third, it is a bit anti-cancer effects, but the eyes are particularly good. Carrot is also not afraid of high temperature, how high the temperature is not subject to loss of nutrients.

Also mentioned the International Conference on tomatoes is tomato. In the United States, almost every family kind of tomatoes, eat tomatoes, aimed not cancer. This is just 5,6 years ago, they know. Cancer may not eat tomatoes, you know? Not uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer. This is not just to eat tomatoes, I asked everyone how to eat tomatoes? Some say that's not easy to wash to eat raw.Slice also put sugar, then drink beer. If it is such a food, I tell you, free ride it! Not cancer. Inside there is something called tomato lycopene, which, combined in one protein, fiber wrapped around hard to come out. Must be heated, heated to a certain level before it. I tell you, fried eggs, tomatoes, the most valuable. There are tomato soup, or tomato and egg soup is good. Raw tomatoes (tomatoes) are not cancer, please pay attention.

There garlic. Garlic is the king of cancer. I just wrote a how to eat garlic, it was said: that thing too warm to eat.


How do you heat anything? I tell you, zero heating garlic! Tell you, the original must first cut it into pieces, a piece of sheet on the air 15 minutes after it combines with oxygen to produce allicin. Garlic itself is not cancer, Allicin only cancer but also cancer of the king. If you do not follow my method, it is quite unlikely that the. Do not be afraid of garlic flavored, eat hawthorn, chewing peanuts point, and then eat a good taste of tea, no. Foreign eat every week, and why we do not eat it!


The following speakers black fungus. What is the role of black fungus? Now one to the New Year to suffer a myocardial infarction in one, increasingly early age, has little to 30 years old. What more for the New Year? Two reasons, one is thick blood coagulation body is fat, high. We remember the people called thick blood coagulation constitution. Hypercoagulability hypercoagulable physical person with food, so the New Year many people, especially myocardial infarction, irrespective of age. Although myocardial infarction is no cure, but it can be prevented. Some doctors tell you take aspirin, and why? Can make the blood is not sticky, not myocardial infarction. But the consequences of what the consequences of aspirin retinal hemorrhage, retinal hemorrhage is a lot of people. I advise you not to eat aspirin. Aspirin is now Europe has not eat, and eat? Eating black fungus. Black fungus has two roles, one of which is that blood is not sticky. What kind of person is a high condensate constitution? The answer is short, thick, fat people, especially menopausal women compatriots.

And blood type AB are more likely to high coagulation thick.

Turning next to pollen. President Reagan had been shot once, had a malignant tumor, he was so great age, is still alive, but had senile dementia. Pollen play a significant role in his possession. Now Europe, the Americas are popular come from the pollen. After returning home I investigated the history, that we were very early.Wu eat pollen, the Empress Dowager Cixi eat pollen. Ancient times, but we ignored it. Please do not buy in the streets of pollen, the pollen having hard sell on the street, not broken. Broken to have high-tech treatment. Second, pollen is wild, easily contaminated, should be disinfected. Third, it is a protein, to desensitization.Pollen must have these three to use: treatment, disinfection, desensitization. Pollen used in Japan, the most powerful, no matter how old people are using it beauty.


France, no one model do not use it. Once I get up in the night to urinate three times a month every night, I looked good, eat pollen, a month back to normal. Literature, pollen cure rate of 97%. As with pollen cure, medicine can not solve, and finally renal failure, hematuria, and renal tumors. So to rule Do not wait until early renal failure. There is also a gastrointestinal disorder, female compatriots more habitual constipation. Many people take a laxative and it is easy to get cancer, colon cancer. Pollen has a name called intestinal police, after eating pollen, police can maintain intestinal order. Thirdly it is fit and maintain shape.


The role of pollen of the three can not be ignored.


International survey, the world's most famous longevity areas in Japan, Japan's longevity areas in the sea, and sea life is the longest place to fish. Particularly want to eat fish, shrimp, in particular, to eat whole fish (with headband tail), because the active substance and the active substance in the fish, shrimp head and abdomen. See you will not buy fish, shrimp should only buy fish, and eat the whole fish, whole shrimp, which has asked the University not buy fish the bigger the better.


There is still the principle of eating, eating to master the content, not better. Internationally prescribed, eat 7 percent full, life can not stomach to eat up a full 8 percent, if the food 10 into the full, and that 2 percent of no use, waste.

There is a law of material balance, I will brief you. Newborn to 5 months of breast-fed babies the best, more than 5 months, breast milk also die, and 42 more than the food is enough. Old people are even harder. Thanks to a French doctor told Cole in Clement, he was to travel to Africa to see the lake in the African great lake than our health and longevity. They eat? Eat the algae, dry it and eat the bag, and then drink seaweed soup. Paris to get a medical experiment, the original seaweed, and is spiral, and called spirulina. This Spirulina is found in 1962 that found a sensation around the world. Why? It is equal to 1,000 grams of 1 g of a comprehensive variety of vegetables. Many years later found that particularly good thing, particularly rich in nutrients, most comprehensive and the most balanced nutrient distribution, and is an alkaline food. I tell you why Japan is the world champion long life, they consume 500 tons of Spirulina year, they travel to China each have brought it. We asked them, why take Spirulina?


They said that eight grams of spirulina can survive 40 days. Now space food, no pie with steamed buns, and all spirulina. Spirulina is very famous in the world, and spirulina to supplement the vitamins, and spirulina's biggest advantage is not that people with diabetes complications, diet, like normal matter sorted out.Diabetes lack of energy, can not eat candy, Spirulina is dried sugar, dry sugar intake, there after the energy. Diabetes blood glucose instability, with gradual withdrawal after Spirulina, Spirulina and then gradually stopped, and finally take the diet. Europe has fully overcome the diabetes, we also can, but it must cooperate with the treatment.

Soviet nuclear explosions, Japan experts to the rescue, taking Spirulina is it a strong anti-radiation effect.
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