18.Add seasoning powder package after turn off flame

Turn off when cooking instant noodles before adding seasoningpowder package, because contain MSG heated to 100 ℃ or to cook more than 10 minutes will be converted into coke glutamic acid, long-term consumption may cause chronic poisoning the nervous system, improve the induced Cancer risk. Notice how the packaging of instant noodles, is not a description of flame and thenadd it?

1. until water is boiling, the noodles into the pot.

2. Q! compared with the cooked noodles

3. serve then add seasoning packet.

4. and see, food packaging methods on account of what?

Conclusion: instant noodles available in the market suggested that almost all the way making food; and fast cooked noodles is recommended that surface flame, then add seasoning packet.

proposed heated above 120 ℃ when the MSG are susceptible to coking, not only lose their flavor, but also slightlytoxic. So in addition to instant noodles cooked, the cooking time(especially high-temperature cooking) away from the fire after theaddition of MSG in a more scientific method; because at that timethe temperature is moderate, both full flavor of MSG, which, withoutdue Temperature is too high and toxic substances.

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