1. Smoothing function

Serious illness a minor illness, chronic illness ill effects of thesmoothing function has
The ancient Chinese, "Yi Jin Jing " transformation from a "slip of the hands campaign"is actually called "Damo Yi Jin Jing ", now be named as "walk away power. " This effort, easy to learn, little land,can practice anytime, anywhere, as long as the patientperseverance, a school to understand, regardless of illness, minor illness, chronic illness, lingering health difficulties disease, uponexercise, three days after They will find it beneficial, if the effectivebit late, that is, do not yet reached home. As long as the patientstudy clearly, and then practice every day, some valid.

Beginning to do after such a bad idea because you long-lasting,while intended to lower the light weight, too tired, but it does not matter, as long as think this is a perfect Thaumaturgy prevent and cure diseases, continue to exercise and the Lianxia Qu, and soonThere will be a miracle, the so-called miracles, that is, when youpractice, play full, uh, fart again and again, enough proof of yourinternal organs along the body movement, blood in circulation willhit uh and fart, so you should More convinced of its benefits.

"walk away power, "Why have such power? You must understand: "walk away power" from the "Yi Jin Jing"change comes, Yi Jinmeaning, is to make the weak muscle, the muscle becomesstronger, diseases of the tendons, the tendons become stronger, so that sick people have been Slowly recovered, patients who did not fully healthy. Sports focus, focus on our hands fingers, hands, wrists, feet toe, heel, knee, wrist and hand through the fingers, toesthe twelve heel knee tendons be pulling the same time, it wasStimulation of the sky stretching exercise. Weakened as a result ofstrong expansion campaign by both the patient becamenon-disease. Lesions were not healthy by the sickness. This "Book of Changes bar"has a curative effect, "walk away power, "it is even more remarkable.

Why say "walk away power" has more in the "Yi Jin Jing "functions?
As the "walk away power" is the theoretical basis of Chinese medicine and Western medicine, to prove that it is absolutely a good response indeed. First: Blood Circulation on the line gas, there is a great function, human organs, the blood, and the lack ofadequate air, can pass unimpeded? In this man's strong, weak,sick or no disease, is closely related to the theory of Western medicine: the body's "hot" and "can " is to support the internal organs of a great relationship, equivalent to a car, gasolinecombustion in the cylinder Before they can obtain chemical"can"role and move, then pulling the whole car in action, not "can ", it can not be started. The body's physiological processes of thinking as the brain, lung, Zhang together, the heart beat, bloodcirculation, and consumption of gastrointestinal motility, and so willbe "hot, ""could, " people have to maintain body temperature, but also to maintain the heat Reflection, heat enough, you look awfully, heat, then the cloud cover surface. Source of heat is taken fromfood, but after digestion and absorption of food when it is not directly generate heat, and it has to go through chemical changes,is to breathe in oxygen, food access to oxygen, oxidation, canproduce heat, so Chinese Medicine That such changes in oxygen"gas"(gas meters with a pass, but with the "gas " to represent thebetter), is a highly general content. Wrapped with a collection of blood from the lungs of air, nutrients collected from the stomach, then this "qi " and nutrient delivery to the body's cells to make themgasification, can have a role in the heat. Meanwhile the body of thecell waste recycling, and excreted, it is our urine.

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