17. Don't eat breakfast for poor memory will be fat.

In addition to breakfast too much oil workers, the survey also found that less than half of office workers to eat breakfast every day. As the study shows that skipping breakfast does not only affect academic performance, obesity has become highly likely. The doctor suggested that, in any case better than some delicious breakfast.

According to the Republic of China Heart Foundation in the survey, workers were able to eat breakfast every day, less than half, there will be five Jin Yicheng office workers and even more than four days a week did not have breakfast. In addition to the vast majority is because sleep late, catch up classes, no time to eat breakfast.Actually there is a seven is because not buy into the nutrition and health do not eat breakfast altogether, or because of poor diet meals prepared, so did not have.

But do not eat breakfast not only more likely to gain weight, but also affect learning performance. Juey-Jen Hwang, MD, vice president of National Taiwan University, Yunlin points, said a study over the past eleven to thirteen-year-old children tested, the results of students eating breakfast every day at attention, hand-eye coordination, short-term memory tests, and academic performance, the obvious better than the children do not eat breakfast.

Another study, five in the past sixteen were Studies fifty-nine thousand people, including thirteen study found that regular breakfast to avoid obesity, overweight risk. For example, people who eat breakfast every day, only less than one into the overweight or obese, but not the law among those who eat breakfast, there are up to xxvii. Five percent are overweight or obesity. All the studies have pointed out that there is no law who eat breakfast, body mass index (BMI) but relatively high.

Beiyi Da Professor of Nutrition and Health speculated that the reason Jen-Fang Liu, in addition to not eat breakfast were more predisposed to compensation mentality, so lunch and dinner, more than the amount of food, the body will also enhance absorption of hunger, so a meal less fat more easily. 
In addition, fiber intake is also easy enough.

Scholars have suggested that more of a fruit
Jen-Fang Liu suggested that breakfast omelet lettuce, rice balls without refueling article, and add a fruit. If Western-style breakfast bar with fruits and vegetables can be used whole wheat toast. If poor digestion and absorption of flatulence, or who can be coupled with a kiwi, the use of one of the enzymes, so protein molecules smaller, easier to absorb.

Juey-Jen Hwang said that he she was more often eat porridge for breakfast cereals, or a variety of fruits labeled energy soup.

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