15. when the dessert banana stew to rule perennial cough candy

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   This is a good recipe.
  About thirty years ago, the boss of that year the fifth gradeHalloween (Halloween), and students to go door to door to sugar,that night in the rain overnight and the students home, the next dayand sore throat, silent, what follows are several Months severe coughing. ate pharmacy medicine, looking around the doctor and tried several remedies did not pick up. frustrating for quite sometime, finally decided to try it to see the humble banana stew sugar. I did not expect that No cure for this troublesome cough, just let thisrecipe to heal. This prescription is very mild and will not eat thebad guys, deserve wider publicity.

     "Incurable diseases were cured on " perennial banana stewcandy cough treatment

   About three years, every autumn, I was coughing, despite goingto hospital for treatment, is still only treating the symptoms, notcauses. As often itchy throat, and I was forced to carry a small bottle of water to the throat itching, the itching can water (drinkingwater, itch or stop). In this way, each autumn and winter, I suffered from intermittent cough.

     Last summer, I attended a medical conference, and next to astudent talk about my cough, she is implicitly suggested that I try to eat candy with banana stew. She said that the party has curedmany people cough all year round.

     Perennial banana stew can cure cough candy? I'm skeptical.However, due to cost very much, and the approach is not complicated, so try to try clothes, did not expect, a week aftercoughing to do in addition. In order to "win the" I continued servicefor a few days, thought not only that winter is no longer coughing,Despite the autumn of this year, has not "cough phase ", intuitionthat the remedy should be effective, particularly to the treatmentDisclosure:

       Buy two or three bananas, sugar one to twenty-two
First cut into inch size pieces of banana (peeled), and thencrushed rock sugar, and then placed in two bowl, add half a bowl ofwater, then into the pot, stew cook about ten minutes, to be After the sugar dissolves and cooling consumption. Although at this timeand rotten bananas and astringent, it is difficult to swallow, but it can play a strange effect on the cough.

     Such treatment, night time, a week can be effective.
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