14. Calcium and protein in the struggle (so important, be sure t

The original protein over the original osteoporosis is fierce

_ About calcium and osteoporosis, the struggle of protein (important!)

Mother is over seventy, and usually attaches great importance to the maintenance of the body, in addition to exercise two hours every morning, the diet are more sought

Value, especially the milk will "not less than three cups" to intake of calcium rich, she thought, so careful diet, osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is absolutely no chance with me.

However, she travel to Malaysia the next day, a careless Caikong, broken left leg was broken to pieces

Return the hospital to live for two months, the doctor confirmed: the bone is very fragile, there is "severe" osteoporosis.

Examples like this, society everywhere.

We always thought the idea as long as I drink milk every day, eating dried fish, braised pork ribs soup calcium-rich foods,

Osteoporosis does not occur, in fact, is little understood.

"Dairy Board" to the people of the suggested amount is one thousand milligrams of calcium daily intake of the most suitable,

The strange thing is, living in Africa still live close to the original life of Bantu women, three hundred and fifty milligrams of daily calcium intake only,

Jingbu had osteoporosis.

In contrast the world's highest daily calcium intake of indigenous Eskimo, eating fish every day,

Amounted to two thousand milligrams of calcium, is twice the normal value, but it is the world's worst place to osteoporosis.

The United States, the United Kingdom dairy consumption in most countries, osteoporosis is also the most common reason in the end there?

The original occurrence of osteoporosis is not enough your calcium intake,

How much calcium does not affect the quality you have osteoporosis,

The key in that you can not "maintain" is not the loss of calcium.

So why the loss of calcium in it?

Because people addicted to eat "meat, milk, eggs" and other protein-rich foods,

Too much protein the body can cause "acid" physique, once the acid quality of the human body,

To maintain balance the body, naturally it from "bones" to extract the calcium and acid, a weak alkaline condition,

Imagine, a person in the long years to be drawn and calcium, bone loss of calcium every day, how it does not cause osteoporosis?

Therefore, the culprit is "too much protein", the loss of the calcium, not eating enough calcium.

Then examine it and do our daily excess dietary protein it?

According to the recommendations of the National Science Council, the body's normal protein quality,

Sixty kilograms of body weight a woman, for example, only forty-five grams a day is enough (man about fifty-gram), pure vegetarian man

Words, Fifty-seven grams can be obtained easily, not to mention meat eater, whatever piece of meat, an egg on the overdose.

While a high calcium content of milk, but higher protein,

So the more people drink milk, calcium loss more, with "meat, eggs" is a high-protein foods,

Strange if osteoporosis does not occur, so do not blame enough calcium intake, normal dietary calcium certainly enough, more or less does not cause calcium

Osteoporosis, excess protein is the culprit.

We would like to have a correct understanding, and so, osteoporosis will never find

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