10. As long as "Put your hands up! "
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA Shibin Si-year-old boy, clever tosave his grandmother's life, his way is as simple as, "Put your hands up! "

Fifty-year-old Michelle Dunn  Stewart recently at home watching TV while eating jelly, grandson Shibin Si downstairs and asked herquestion.

When Stewart turned his head, a piece of jelly stuck in the throat.She tried to squeeze the abdomen help themselves, but to no avail, this time at home, only she and Shibin Si. Stewart thought she would choke, "I thought: I would faint, and he does not know how to do. I will lie here until someone home. "

Stewart rushed to the side door looking for help. At this point, Shi Binsi asked: "Grandma, you choke it? " Stewart speechless.

"I guess you choked, and grandmother. this. " Shi Binsi hands over their heads, has been to her, "Put your hands up, put up your hand. "

Shibin Si also pledged: "Grandma, you'll be fine. "

Stewart did, the result is really threw the jelly. Shibin Si proud to say: "Look, Grandma, I say you'll be fine. "

Shibin Si was very calm, he said it was learned in school. Stewartsaid that her little grandson is the hero.

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