21. Do not call friends "hot drink" hot drinks eight times the c

After the tea soup, stop with the friend said, "hot drink" was.Because new research abroad, like to drink to 70 degrees

Those on the hot, the probability of suffering from esophageal cancer than those who drank 8 times warm drink, hot drinks hurt the throat tissue, are

In is also seen as a risk factor for esophageal cancer.
100 degrees hot water into the cup, the heat, the aroma quickly drift off, but then can not rush to drink, because drinking

More than 70 degrees hot, the probability of suffering from esophageal cancer than those who drink a warm drink 8 times higher, even to drink 6

5 degrees to 69 degrees hot, the chance of suffering from esophageal cancer than those who drink a warm drink 1 times higher, which means that regardless of hot tea, coffee, and also

Is the soup, best not to hot to drink.

Hot drinks, or more patience, no matter how busy, then hungry, thirsty again, we must remember with the friends of their own, said: "Let us wait for a

A few minutes now! "

(Source: ETTV reporter Xujing Yun, Zheng Weihong)
Attention! Fond of "hot tea" suffering esophageal cancer increased 8 times
Too hot to drink hot tea, be careful cause esophageal cancer. The latest issue of British Medical Journal study found that in Iran,

Experts found a global prevalence of the highest esophageal cancer, in-depth investigation, is likely to be when

To have to drink a liter a day of hot tea on the study also pointed out that tea drinking temperature of 70 degrees, risk of esophageal

8 times increased risk of domestic physician reminders, drinking tea, as long as no hot mouth, can reduce the risk of cancer


Hot soup, hot tea just soaked, it is so hot to drink, be careful to "hot" out of esophageal cancer! This warning to

Study from Iran, as the world's highest incidence of local esophageal cancer, probably because they drink every day

More than 1 liter of hot tea. Taipei Medical Director Zhao ENT plant products
: "Drink hot drinks if the temperature is too high will cause mucosal damage, repeated mucosal damage if the esophagus can cause small

Cell carcinoma of the possibilities. "

From a theoretical perspective, high temperature and indeed harmful to the esophagus, this study pointed out that the drunk 65 degrees to 69 degrees of hot drinks, carcinogenesis

Is 2 times 65 degrees; 70 degrees, the risk increased to 8 times more to look at brewing time

, Paowan 2 minutes to drink, compared to 4-5 minutes before drinking, cancer risk 5-fold.

The study assumed the British Medical Journal, what the people how to treat? Zhao Zhi goods: "Usually the body temperature of about

38 degrees, so hot as far as possible we hope that no more than 60 degrees or 70 degrees. "Just rushed Cup

House of hot water, the actual measurement of about 80 degrees, on the normal room temperature, and after a few minutes, the temperature finally dropped to 65

Degrees, but physicians believe that they do not feel that "hot mouth" like, have preferences for smoking, drinking
High risk of esophageal cancer of wine, it is to avoid the worse, increase the risk of cancer.
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