3. Let cancer sleep

Cancer is the most frightening metastasis (metastasis). Do not letthe native cancer patients died, but once cancer cells, they stir up trouble within other tissues and organs gradually let the patient (orvery fast) to death. But why some cancer patients have been transferred has not continued to deteriorate?

Anatomy of the Japanese had no pain dozens of 90-103 year-old man died and found that they each have a lot of cancer cells in vivo. But why they did not cause physical pain cancer? Dr. Dai and several cancer researchers found that cancer cells in the activeperiod of time will enter "sleep"period of time after a period ofdormancy revival, stirring up trouble. "dormancy" The longer thepatients survive the longer, even frightening place "transfer. "

Now the medical profession to delay cancer in the study actively"rest period"approach, including the use of drugs and diet."Effective prevention of carcinogenesis" thing I read in severalnatural products that can control the cancer cells by signaling pathway (signal transduction) of the path to allow cancer cells toenter the "rest period", so I put them out again, please People to eat more foods containing these active ingredients, so that cancer cells in the body ready to make a lot of sleep.

 1. Curry ----------( cancer ingredient is "curcumin")

2. Pepper -------  ( anti-cancer ingredient is "capsaicin")

3. Ginger ----------( anti-cancer ingredient is "ginger oil")

4. green tea------- ( anti-cancer ingredient is "catechins")

5. soybean ------- ( anti-cancer ingredient is "isoflavones")

6. Tomato ---------( cancer ingredient is "lycopene")

7. grape -----------( anti-cancer ingredient is "resveratrol")

8. Garlic -----------( anti-cancer ingredient is "sulfide")

9. cabbage--------(anti-cancer ingredient is "indole")

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