3. "live better"is a good book to recommen

Expand your horizons; develop a healthy self-image; find the hidden words and ideas of the capacity; let the past be the past; to find strength in times of hardship; to lend to live; choose to be happy.

* If thou canst believe, all things are in the faith.

* To change the inner thoughts, to change the external life.

* Re-set the hearts of the program and get rid of those old bad habits, develop confidence and ideas.

* The establishment of new habits, write down ten thankful for every day things, day after day, month after month, ...

* Subject to change my environment, do not stay a sit self-pity, not to feel that their life is so not better ..., confident infinitely enhanced.

* Determined to escape from the old model, do not just stay in place, not a negative then a negative attitude to child, the focus relaxed, had hopes of life, get rid of all the curse, but do not indulge in the glory of the past, God has been prepared for you more!

* Get rid of the restrictions from the past, beyond their own set of obstacles in mind, positive thinking: hope. Faith and victory ... so important.

* Today is a new day, do not let your past determine your future, change from the time. Here on, if you change your mind, God changed your life; to demolish strongholds in your heart! Remember, you must change your mind, determined to become the person establishing a new benchmark.

* When you retain a grateful heart, you will start each day to see all the good in life, the Bible says: God will pour much blessing to you, ...

* Do not focus on your weakness; gaze and looking to God, continue to move forward! Continue to move forward! God has prepared for you more! Keep going!

* Understand their value and accept yourself and learn to live a joyful and abundant life.

* Refused to destructive thoughts. Words. Action. Attitude control of your life the way; If you always rely on others to make you happy, rely on others to encourage you, or help you out of the woods, you will always live in the weakness and desperation , the confidence of others to support you, but your confidence can do wonders for your speed, is far less than the confidence of others, and believe that life can achieve a higher level, beyond your difficulties.

* Do not waste your life, live in vain, have a wonderful life, full of love. Joy. Peace and fulfillment in life.

* If you keep the right attitude, God will take you down. Shattered dreams. Hurt and pain; if you simply believe that if you rely on faith and the God who, it will double your blessings instead of hardship.

* When the days Nanai or unhappy, keep your confidence high, the courage to remind myself who is in the workmanship in your life; God is to you to adjust to the correct location, you must see your marriage be repaired, see kids loitering outside the home, saw business pick up and see your dreams come true through your eyes of faith, and saw the situation was turned over to the peace and joy to see you are awake.

* God will continue to try to implant the seeds of victory in our hearts; if we do not change beliefs, is likely to end his life will be missed God prepared good things for us.

* You must accept that some people do not like the fact that you, not everyone agrees with every decision you make, just do what like.

* Should not dream of for their own pressure on the children; for our children to provide advice and guidance is a good thing, but do not become a control freak and manipulator; use to guide them to the right direction, give advice and suggestions of wisdom; to help them find that their talents and to where, even those not find talent.

* Thinking of destiny, and if the head is full of negative thoughts, you will have a negative life, your whole. Behavior. Life and life style will gradually depressed; If you often toward the optimistic. Happy. Filled with the joy of the aspects of thinking , will become a positive. happy. full of joy of the people, your life will go along with your ideas.

* If the enemy thought the more we go to the lies, that is, allowing it to pour more garbage in our heads; if things have been complaining about, we never really had the freedom and have our health and stable emotions, only make things What has changed is you.

* When things develop as you expected, do not complain, look for the bright side, your heart is full of positive thinking.

* Perhaps the disappointment experienced, maybe things better than you expect a camel, maybe people wronged you, you might also suffered major setbacks, but God will never let you go blind alley, it is always prepared for you a a new beginning.

* When those negative thoughts and frustrations ran into my heart, I take them as thank God. Victory is in sight of the opportunity, he said: [If you believe, people who can do all things in the letter]

* I refuse to step backward, I want to move forward together with God, as the style it made me realize my life.

* Your tongue control your life, if you habitually say a few words of failure, these negative words can not be God will make you want to build your style.

* If the unspeakable blessing, not a blessing on your child said: [I love you, I believe you, I think You're great, no one like you, you are unique], they need to hear from you affirmed. feel your love. need your blessing!

* Let go of the trauma and pain of it, forgive those who offend you, but also to forgive what they have to do the next wrong decision.

* If you want to go free. If you want to overcome self-pity, we must never to go back there, no good at all on their own, will only make one sad frustration, negative emotions will seriously hinder your progress.

* Do not waste any minute to guess, you want to reject the victim mentality alive again; want to live in the victory, we must throw off self-pity, so that life forward.

* Needs a good view of your heart, sure you do not have any anger buried inside and not forgive, courage to change, do not let the bitterness continued pollution of the occasion in your life; forgiveness is the only allow you to release from bitterness. was the key to freedom.

* To have the freedom to forgive, forgive and you to be happy, not for others but for yourself.

* Do not cherish the memory of some of the events of the past or have been a done deal of a foregone conclusion, to focus on things you can change and make good use every day, yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not arrived yet, you must live in the moment.

* Remorse will only interfere with our faith, Paul: [Forgetting what is behind, toward what is ahead, toward the goal to run]

* Life is the key to victory in his heart to learn to stand up again.

* God wants you to become a winner, instead of complaining experts; learn the joy in it were still unhappy.

* God to change you before, it will not change the people around you, and if the people around you stop complaining, on the contrary, began to self-reflection and change their fellow workers with God, God will begin to change those people.

* If you want to dump blessings and grace of God in your life, we must focus away from himself, you must learn to be a giver, not the demands are, Do not think others can do for you to start to think you can do for others what a blessing that he will be blessed.

* Giving is a spiritual principle, no matter what you give out, what will be recovered.

* Take the time to change the status quo. To encourage others. Not guilty. Do not judge ... just listen, can help move the burden to them, do not need to know all the answers, just need to care about them.

* Must be at home. Work. Career and the various relationships in the first sow good seed, we will charge what and what kind, if you want to harvest [happy], we must first sow the [happy] seeds, that is to bring people Do not sit back happy ,.... light to their own lack of enough to think about what you can broadcast the seed, let themselves out of this need.

* Life is too short why not enjoy every day, learning to appreciate his family. Friends. Health. Work and appreciate everything in your life, happiness is a decision, not you feel an emotional response.

* Learn to laugh, And no such impatience anxiety, a relaxed attitude can not only make you live longer, let your life more colorful.

* Do not carelessly through life with passion and dream to be looking forward to, because everything you do is full of enthusiasm and passion, you will encounter all kinds of benefits and opportunities along the way

* Learn more obedience, learning is pleased to wish a habit with a motivation to do every thing should be out of the right attitude and gratitude.

When you obey God, and with a willingness to trust the heart, you will have a better life, and the good will be better! God lead you into a beautiful state you've never thought of, but you will live a better life.


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