2. 8 things down, life will be happy!!

1】 down pressure
→ tired and not tired, depending on their state of mind
The heart and the room is not clean will be covered with dust. Dust of the heart, will become gray and bleak. We have to record many incidents every day, happy, unhappy, and have settled in the heart.Heart of things more than one, will become disordered and disorderly, and then mess up with the heart. Some of the feelings of pain and unhappy image, if the full surplus in the heart, it will cause fatigue, depressed. Yi Shi, sweeping dust, you can probably make a sad heart becomes bright and management to understand things in order to shake hands upset; to discard some unnecessary pain, happiness will have more and bigger space.Firmly grasp the reasons for unhappiness, ignoring the origins happy, sad that you always thought the reason was tough.

【2】 down upset
→ Happiness is actually very simple
The so-called practice smiling, not a machine to move your face feel, but happy to change your mind, modulating your mind. Learn to play real quiet, learn to say to myself innocent, learn to calm height of bad luck, and learn to treat life actively, and learn everything to interest. As promised, the sun will flow into the heart to drive away fear, drive away the darkness, to drive away all the gloom. Happiness is actually very simple, do not own melancholy music can be a trouble.

【3】 down arrogant

→ to be complacent deleted from your dictionary
Not every person can become a giant, but every little heart I can be a growth of private persons. Heart strong, able to concentrate all the pain and sorrow; heart strong, you can be a useful supplement to the external deficit; heart strong and courageous to be able to let you walk in the road, feeling his own ideas, higher than all of the construction and mountain! Trust yourself, you can also obtain a price for life.

【4】 down lazy
→ fight change of luck
Do not blindly admire the unique skills and trick people, through long-term effort, you can have complete. Due to a simple action got to consummate that trick; to do a superb common event is unique skills. Remind yourself, remember your own tips, grow to you, happy you, healthy for you, kind of you, will have a brilliant shine of life.

【5】 down negative
→ down the left, look right
To actively defeat the pessimistic, so noble defeat the wretched, so simple, innocent and over to show off, so that narrow defeat of tolerance, so happy to defeat fear, so hard to defeat lazy, so strong and beat the weak, so a huge defeat shallow ... ... only you like, you can complete a lifetime are doing their best.

Winners and losers who can not mercy, but you. Own campaign, then you are commanding generals!

【6】 complaints down
→ its complaint, it is better to
The failure of all the preparations are made for success.Complaints and despair, success can only block came to their own pace. Down complained calmly accept defeat, no doubt wise position.
Complain helpless to reverse the current situation, hard work can bring hope. Really gold, as long as they do not hide themselves, as long as the concentric focus on thinking about the flash, there is always shining on that day.
Throughout ancient and modern, much more life and monuments, are a worthless hand that finally took the invention. Do not always upset survival.

【7, down Hesitate
→ immediately move endless victory
Look for things, do not uneasy; accurately select a preference to just the road, do not turn around. Opportunities like lightning, it is only moving rapidly to capture the firm.
Immediate action is with all of the characteristics of successful people. If you have any good try, then it acts immediately; if you hit a good chance, then immediately catch it. Immediate behavior, unlimited success!
Some people are required forgetful, is used to check some things, some tools are forced liquidation. When to let go let go, you can sell Proton to seize the original joy and happiness of your own!

【8】 narrow down
→ heart wide, wide world to
Tolerance is a virtue. Let it be, is actually way to their hearts. Only in the tolerant world where people can play the song of a harmonious life!
To have no personal opinion, we must invent a tolerant society. To get rid of stereotypes, it is necessary beginning of eradication cramped mind. Only after an absence of bias, only the harmony of man and heart, and interpersonal harmony, the harmony of man and society.
We not only want to be happy, but also to share their happiness with friends, family and even strangers strangers. Because that is a pleasure to share his happiness, a higher point of pleasure.
Tolerance is a virtue. Tolerance toward others, it is also the way to their hearts. Only in the tolerant world, the people, talent to play the song of life to reconcile.

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