1. Then the rich, but also poor children

A few days ago, with his son visiting the bookstore, he pleaded with him to buy me a delicate, expensive pencil case, but not practical for him, finally, I just bought a small but complete in him, his mouth suddenly yell out up. Then he fancy a design small and exquisite, beautiful curve, surface pattern rather steals the foot overshadowed the fine scale plastic ruler, but I bought him was a wooden ruler. His lips protrude more of "quebracho" (curve) of the.I said nothing at the Pro plan? He e enlighten him only through stories.

Since promoted to a father, I reminded myself to carry out an Eastern concept of social values ​​and opposite parental ─ "and then the rich, but also the poor child!" But a few years, I Jiangan difficult to carry on till One day I read in Nanjing University, was removed on a bulletin board, a letter signed "the father of bitterness," wrote his son to college, "anonymous" only after they feel in any case have to implement this idea.
Great value of this letter quoted, summarized as follows:


Dear Son:
Even though you broke my heart, but you have always been my son. Although, since you go to college and become the only generations of our family, after a college student, who can not tell how old son.
Accompany the University carrying luggage report, hanging mosquito nets, quilt shop, buy food tickets, and even teach you squeezing toothpaste, all this is perfectly justified in your view, you may even feel that you fail to live up to you, the father Students disappointing son of service, is a special honor to do special dipping.
In your first semester of college, we have received your three letters, add up to not much longer than a telegram, concise, clear theme throughout the illegible handwriting, only a "money" especially neat, and clear .
After sophomore year, received a letter from you a dunning letter, we can feel the urgent rhetoric, the tone of sincere, looks like you can go to college in the future when the debt collection a good person ... ....
I am most saddened that this summer, you actually change the entry fee notice stealing, false fees ..., did not think you actually have shipped  to deal with angry with you, support you, love you, hurt your father, mother, just to to the Ru Kala OK and bars. ...
I think this is painful to sleep! This has become a kind of heart disease, the root cause is that you ─ I personally brought up the son of college students but feel strange. I do not know you at the university in addition to increasing cultural knowledge and social experience, but also whether the good heart a little bit longer?


Having read the whole letter, I think of a bitter wife's father during pregnancy, the first time on the ultrasound scan done, I am most concerned about is not the sex of the fetus, but in the end he was alone on the road or the twins or even four together from ─ birth?
I teach school, depicting two men and two women named "Fun, fun, new, year" quadruplet siblings. I often see them carrying the father of four identical lunch boxes, the fence four times upon their four lovely children; and every time I see them bounce back to the classrooms to enjoy, we will know their lunch the "content" quite satisfied. I am a poor teacher, if the child is coming together, I can give the contents of their lunch ready, I am afraid the amount won and could not care quality.
All this concerns me, mainly by the Chinese, "she sees the child can not be bitter!" The influence of the traditional concept. Until one day, my old school for many years moving to Australia to visit relatives back in time to give me a wake-up call.
According to him, the Australian people's lives richer, but they believe in God I also believe in: "and then the rich, as well as" poor "children!" Philosophy of education. In their view, under the care of children who grow up too, will not be independent and not grateful!
He returned the next day, I braved the rain to go out with him to do something, he pointed to a group of cotton wrapped like a Chinese child, said: "Children should be suffering for want of a piece of clothing than adults!" He said in Australia, even if In winter it is difficult to see the "Cotton Mission"; if it is hot, mothers will be ulterior motives, intentionally fails to distraction stroller awning.
We Eastern family "when she sees the child can not be bitter!" Approach, appears to have corrected necessary. That night, after thinking I decided to school their children so in the future, and for him to prepare some "nothing to boast," the lunch, the poor and his material, his rich spirit.
I do have such an information: Nelson Middle School Philadelphia, the door has two sculptures on the left is a goshawk on the right is a horse gallop. Sculpture to express the familiar bright future not our success to, but a symbol of an eagle and a hunger to be skinned horse.
The original, it would only eagle, flying over the five continents to accelerate the realization of the great ideal of the seven seas, he learned a variety of superb flying skills elegant, forgot to learn the results of feeding, only four days to fly out to starve to death. Horse gallop too ─ mill owner first owner to live more, to beg God to change it to farmers at home; and then fed the diet too small farmer and asked for swap with other horses, and finally to a cobbler ─ not work at home , feed and great, it really comfortable.However, how many days did it do the skin was peeled off the leather tanner!
This may be a glimpse of a lack of basic survival skills and do not know the independence of gratitude, regardless of how much talent he has, how great achievement in the future, do not be a healthy person, is a life and bad people.
Beyond the soul of the animal kingdom have a parenting philosophy, many animals in their care is very weak, the will for its young with the mouth or in the wings, the fear of their distress and mortality; when their child gets older, they the children will be mercilessly driven from their side, let them alone to live with, training skills, even going back to the children left behind! Only do the children can stand the assault, to be able to survivor.
Included in the mouth or under the wings and drive away from the side, are the parents love their children reflect different, even the animals deep understanding "used to kill the child, such as children," the truth.
Then the rich have poor children in order to force the child to learn independence before the trip, learn to sense of gratitude. The child's later life, after all ... we may not be able to participate .
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