7. I am 40 years old, began to care seriously

Ten years ago, I entered the four-year-old level, then relied on his good physique, did not have health care ideas, day to affairs of state, family, out-patient, hands full teaching and medical research, often two to go home late at night, early morning six o'clock and drove out, long-term lack of sleep, I was over their teeth and never feel the need of special care.

I grew up is sport athlete, breath climbing stairs six, seven are commonplace; have an even climb a couple of three flights of stairs to feel that breath, that day drove three hours to record radio programs, saying half to out of breath, occur after the warning, I began to alert ─ ─ body "wrong" again!

From the physiological point of view, human beings have two key age is 40 years old the first big test, because the body after the age of 40 SOD (superoxide dismutase enzyme, can rid the body of free radicals) decreased half melatonin secretion was also halved, the resistance of the whole person was worse, to the age of 65 may enter the second level, these values ​​fell by half again, the body growing old. So, after 40 years of age is beginning to maintain the key.

In particular, as a doctor, to see a lot of patients every day, listening to the patient complained of, or even air their grievances, but also teaching, research, lectures ... ... the pressure is great, some of my classmates, many of premature aging, not white hair, bald, is a disease, there had been "going", and the teacher's generation, have diabetes, heart disease, cancer ... ... people everywhere, doctors are high-pressure job, how health is particularly important.

Exposure to Chinese herbal medicine, strengthen the immune system

As the oral physician, I often come into contact with the oral mucosal immune-based disease patients, the doctor when the longer, the more we find that Western medicine for the treatment of immune diseases have their bottlenecks, not steroids, that is, immunosuppressive agents, treatment Of course there are acute effects, but long-term use side effects too.

Academic exchanges with the mainland by chance, I came into contact with Chinese medicine and Chinese herbal medicine, the original idea is to find a quote in the economic and practical prescription to help patients improve physical function, and later found in Chinese herbs Astragalus, dates may enhance immuneforce, their first drink half a year personally, I feel good effect, it also suggested that patients try to go home.

I Astragalus, the weight of dates, practices, printed flyers, the people who run clinics, give him one, go to the pharmacy suggested that they were arrested seven days of Astragalus, Jujube home to drink boiled can promote human activity, and enhance resistance.
Later, I added wolfberry, the Astragalus, wolfberry, red dates shamisen herbs combine to promote. Many people one after another reaction, drank a few months later, there really is to improve the physical, children drink less cold, some women also found that more detailed and shiny skin, dark spots have faded even before it!

I have dates every day to Astragalus wolfberry soup drunk as a tea.

However, we are husband and wife are working people, every day has been too tired to exhaustion, and who has strength Man Manao Chinese herbal medicine, so his wife did not bother to do the start, said: "drink to cook for yourself! "I had to DIY DIY Hello!

Response to these patients because there have been posts herbal medicine, drank a really good effect, I put dates Ji Huang Qi Tang citrate "beauty tricks" to tell his wife, who is not beauty? His wife, now any heart, and every day take the initiative to boil to drink, and now his wife on how to maintain good health, more active than anyone else, if I am a theorist, his wife called a standard practice at home.

Occasions in each lecture I will introduce Astragalus, wolfberry, red dates together this quote herbs, before distributing flyers in the clinic for patients to take home for reference, do the math, I personally sent out at least two leaflets hundred thousand, years and years of marketing, said the people have to sell these herbs make a lot of money, but I think of it as Jide, so some friends this quote a supplement diets, with my name referred to as "Andysoup. "

Andy soup is actually not difficult, two bowls of water with raw Astragalus 4, money, money 3 wolfberry, red dates 3 money to simmer, shades of informality. If you find it troublesome, you can first boil 7 talent, Refrigerate, drink to drink when reheating, cool summer drink is not bad.

Andy soup was warming soup, Astragalus can be qi tonic, wolfberry can BHD ney, dates can be qi and spleen, often using them, can enhance immunity, anti-aging, usually drink but also effective in preventing colds.

If you want to make thick black hair, plus an additional 3 money Polygonum; dry mouth who can the money Ophiopogonis plus 3, 3 money Rehmannia; tracheal respiratory system if it is good to plus 3 money ginseng; if anemia, can add one or two pieces of Angelica; Also adding 4 money money Acanthopanax Radix Codonopsis and 4, there are secondary compression, anti-cancer effect. However, people with diabetes need to reduce the use of dates in order to avoid hyperglycemia.

I also put Andy on the soup used in clinical treatment, so that the malignant transformation of oral cancer may be the erosive oral lichen planus patients, or recurrent oral ulcers, Pui Gaucher patients taking Astragalus wolfberry soup combined western medicine dates immunomodulator (levamisole) for the treatment and found that not only shorten the time treatment of disease, but also significantly reduce the relapse rate.

I grew up rich have a serious hand in the winter, his hands are often dry, peeling, or even bleeding, beginning from the 1992 Andy soup to drink now, rich hand has improved not attack, even before the soldiers face the sun out of the dark spots, but also slowly fades out.

As I have often lectured, sometimes even speaking a few games a day, or even to have to improvise on a cappella, in order to protect his voice, if necessary, I would soak some enlargement of the sea to drink, or Andy soup to add some Schisandra nursing throat.

Continental's friends know that I am interested in Chinese herbal medicine, each time giving lectures on the mainland, they would send me some of the best medicines, so my refrigerator, always put Astragalus, wolfberry, red dates, these types of herbs, and are on the election material, such as produced in the Astragalus MINXIAN Wang, from the top grade of the Ningxia wolfberry, the other, Codonopsis, Cordyceps ... ... and so enhance the immune herbs, are also essential goods at home.

Morning energy soup, vitality of the day

I have about six every morning to get up at half past six, after getting up 10 minutes Qigong do first, so that bones and muscles active moment, then re-meditation 20

Minutes, a full day of activities for the reserve of energy. Andy breakfast is a cup of soup (Astragalus wolfberry jujube soup) plus a cup of fruits and vegetables are playing energy soup, and whole grains bread, sometimes made of fruits and vegetables instead of fruit flavored yogurt, energy soup.

Energy soup or fruit and vegetables are rich in fiber yogurt can be very smooth to the gastrointestinal tract, my bowel movements are usually twice a day, toxins do not accumulate in the body, natural refreshing, not easily tired.

Fruits and vegetables, the practice of energy soup is very simple, take the right amount of celery, tomato, sprouts, lemon, add some water and oligosaccharides, with fruit and vegetable juice machines or fruit machines, and even Java with drink.

Fruits and vegetables a day can change with different tastes, such as: grapes (skin) plus pineapple. Tomatoes, strawberries, watermelon, fruit oligosaccharides. Tomato, carrot, lettuce, cabbage (cabbage), fruit oligosaccharides.

These types of fruits and vegetables are energy soup every morning I will drink the health drinks. Red yellow and green fruits and vegetables high antioxidant activity, detoxification 也好.

If interested, please self-test Hello!

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