5. Consumption of a variety of black tea to help anti-diabetic

Consumption of a variety of black tea to help anti-diabetic

Drinking black tea can help fight against type II diabetes. Dundee University study found that the chemical composition of black tea contains theaflavins and tea, including red pigment, sink insulin, so the body's sugar into energy, maintaining blood glucose normal operation. Scotland currently has two hundred thousand patients with type II diabetes, their insulin due to insufficient or not working properly, and need regular injections of insulin or take medicine to control blood glucose to prevent disease progression.

Experts said that in the past studies have pointed out that tea has antioxidant effects, either green or black tea, will help the body prevent heart disease, stroke and even cancer. This study brings good news for diabetics, the body will later study the number of cups of black tea consumed daily in order to play a role against diabetes; even beneficial components extracted from black tea, the development of drug treatment of Type II diabetes.

Black tea contains a substance, and type 2 diabetes drug Precose and Glyset similar.

Tianjin University, Haixia Chen and colleagues, compared to green tea or oolong tea, black tea contains more polysaccharides known as tea (polysaccharide) compounds.

In China and Japan, the crude tea (coarse tea) is used to treat diabetes. Known tea polysaccharide (polysaccharide) can reduce blood sugar.

Chen and colleagues, tea polysaccharides inhibit called α - glucosidase enzyme, it will starch into sugar. Diabetes drug Precose and Glyset effect is to inhibit the enzyme.


Chen said in a news release, we made many efforts to find effective materials from natural inhibitor of glucose; the possibility of using black tea in tea polysaccharide to control diabetes.

It is unclear whether light drinking tea there to help. Chen's research team used chemical extraction methods - rather than simply brewing - to buy from their local tea for tea polysaccharides.

Chen and his colleagues will study the findings, published in the latest issue of the Journal of Food Science.

Good for drinking black tea on blood glucose
Study: SAMMI at 12:44
New research from the UK found that: black tea can stimulate insulin response and the effect of lowering blood glucose.

The experiment included 16 healthy people, will be divided into 4 groups of:
Group I: 75 g glucose drink containing 250 ml of water
Group II: 0.052 g caffeine drink containing 250 ml of water
Group III: 1 gram black tea drink containing 250 ml of water
Group IV: 3 grams of black tea drink containing 250 ml of water

In the first hour after drinking, the blood glucose changes in the four groups, no significant difference.
In the second hour, the third group (containing 1 g of black tea to drink 250 ml of water) there are significant differences in other groups.
In the first 90 minutes, drink tea than to drink water, water, glucose water and caffeine, have higher insulin levels.

The health benefits of tea, including the prevention of certain cancers and Alzheimer's disease, this may be a number of phenolic compounds in tea. Green tea contains 30-40% polyphenols, black tea contains 3-10% polyphenols.

The researchers said the experiment might be tea polyphenols can stimulate the pancreatic β cells, produce insulin.

A cup of tea - health care but also thin post date: 04/08-12: 34

Adds a good cup of tea! According to the study of tea catechins in addition to anti-oxidation, but also reduce the body's bad cholesterol, anti diabetes, know the various benefits of drinking tea after the you do not Aihe Cha is also heart out?

Benefits of tea, tea and the health effects of tea polyphenols, is that they can inhibit lipid synthase, thereby inhibiting obesity and cancer, showed a weight-loss tea and tea polyphenols and anti-cancer function.

Each tea contains polyphenols, green tea polyphenols called catechins, black tea is called theaflavins, tea called thearubigins, more green tea polyphenols (30%) Most health effects study, in which the water-soluble fiber, and catechin can reduce harmful cholesterol and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, can also increase insulin sensitivity, glycemic control delay diabetes.

Since tea is rich in catechins, anthocyanins and other polyphenols colorless, with deodorant, anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, blood pressure, prevent cancer, weight, blood fat, lowering blood sugar and other effects, experts recommend drinking day 1800 ~ 2500CC, can promote good health.

Health care to drink tea, preference for sugar-free green tea, Pu'er tea, oolong tea, black tea catechins is low. Unsweetened green tea and oolong tea is almost no heat, and can help free fatty acids in the normal diet and drink a cup of tea after a meal the next, and then walk 10 to 20 minutes, we can help get rid of body fat to achieve weight loss results. What to drink tea, all depending on personal preferences and physical may be a cup of tea too much will produce too much stomach acid, can be changed before meals and drink, choose oolong or green tea

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