8. Amazing effect on wine onion dip

Onion is a general family of ordinary food, for deep-fried, fried, very tasty soup can also be done together with fruit and salad vegetables. I did not realize is that the original can also be used as a dip onion wine (red wine), but also treat many common diseases.

Friends returned to Hong Kong for a wine friend, was dubious, as he is doing the business of the French wine imported wine, may be his agent to sell wine, but he really has this effect to ensure that, many people are drinking, so Back to the Gold Coast, began to dip a bottle to try, but also bring this information together with him all the symptoms, hear we can not help but laugh. I thought not spend much money, give it a try, it really can not try, especially, a very significant test of its effectiveness highly praised. No night for the toilet, but found the entrance soaked in red wine onion more alcohol, more import, this drink had very good results after that, it will be open to everyone, hope everyone is healthy.

Ingredients: 2 onions, red wine, 500 ml, 1 bottle of red wine with an ordinary three onions.


Wash the onion, remove the brown surface of the skin, cut into eight equal portions of about half moon shape.

    Glass bottles into the onion, add red wine, (to be taken off to join the skin also better).

    The glass cover sealed in a cool place to put about 2 to 8. (I think the week is best)

    The glass onion slices, then strain, the onion, separated into the wine bottle, placed in the refrigerator cold.


One. Per day cup (50 ml), older people about 20 ml each;

II. Drink one or two times a day;

III. Soaked onion slices with the consumption of wine better;

IV. Not drinking at all, about twice the water used for drinking or per diluted into the electric pot and cook 4 to 5 minutes, after evaporation of alcohol drinking.

Five. If like sweet, add a little honey.

See here if you find it easy? What exactly can cure that disease?

So I tell you, their effectiveness on the knees! Pain, cataracts, Alzheimer's result was very surprising, very popular in Japan.

One. Hypertension patients with normal blood pressure after drinking and stability, and also reduce the value of diabetes, the blood sugar down.

II. Presbyopia is the most wonderful have greatly improved after drinking glasses can also be read without a general weekly magazine.

III. The toilet several times every night to night frequency of urine disease, two days after drinking, an incredible return to normal.

IV. Woke up every night until dawn can no longer sleep, do not eat sleeping pills for insomnia can not sleep, after drinking all will be eliminated.

Five. Eyestrain and blurred, the day after drinking is no problem.

VI. For almost impossible to treat the white polyuria, urine will be cloudy after drinking has become almost transparent.

VII. Often bulging belly will be very painful constipation symptoms, after drinking the next day returned to normal bowel movement.

So much more than the effect, if your above a certain age for middle-aged, not spend much money, useful and significant effect, worth a try.


You hate to eat onions? See the following article, even if it do not taste, good for the body, but also to a lot of food.

Also concerned about the care of their people at home Oh!

【Crisp onion bone disease than the drug effective】

Housewives do not love cooking with onions, processing will flow tears, many people afraid of onions. Unless it is craft superb onion dishes, or really hard to find onions enthusiasts. But want to make their bones strong, tall body, prevention of bone loose disease of people, it is best to eat onions and obediently your nose. Because the authority of the journal "Nature," the latest research report, onions are the most capable of preventing bone loss as a vegetable. Onions to prevent the effects of bone loss, even more than the treatment of bone loose disease drugs "calcitonin" even better.

The researchers gave male rats to eat a gram of dry onion per day, for four weeks, the male rats the average increase in bone 13.5-18%. Another set of experiments were found to contain rat eating onions, mixed vegetables, can reduce bone loss problems.The third set of experiments is the removal of the ovaries of female rats to eat 1.5 grams of onion, the results of the rate of bone loss decreased by 25%. More noteworthy is that the health effects of onion in just 12 hours to see the.

The researchers believe that the effect of onion may be from the "prevention of bone loss," so people who want to use onions care, may want to eat on the day, 200-300 grams (10 ounces) onion, crisp to be able to prevent bone disease.

Medical and Edible, in our daily foods, fruits and vegetables have a lot of drug-like effect. Indispensable to the Western side dishes like onion, it benefits the body is simply beyond imagination.

Onion scrambled eggs, fried beef or onion are scrumptious healthy food; and onions can also be used raw or juice to drink, according to medical experiments, it can bring the various magical effects.

Onions can prevent high cholesterol

According to professor of cardiology at Harvard Medical School Dr. 克多格尔威 rule, half raw onion a day, or drink the same amount of onion juice, an average increase of heart disease by about 30% of the HDL levels (HDL high density lipoprotein protein cholesterol, is considered to help prevent an artery atherosclerosis in cholesterol, but also kind of good cholesterol.)

Half a raw onion a day, or drink the same amount of onion juice, to protect the heart, which was originally a folk remedies

Break down fa   onions

Keduoboshi clinic in their own experiments on patients to prove that onions do have to enhance the efficacy of good cholesterol, but the onions and cook the more mature, more does not have effect. Keduoboshi heart to the clinic every day to eat onions and found that the compounds contained in onions, can also prevent platelet aggregation and accelerate the dissolution of blood clots.So, when you enjoy the high-fat food, preferably with a little onion, will help offset the high-fat foods cause blood clots; So steak with onions and eat normally, it just makes sense.

Onions may prevent gastric cancer

Onions and garlic, onions, leeks these Allium vegetables, contain anti-cancer due to chemicals, researchers in China, high incidence of gastric cancer in Shandong Province where a survey found that when eating more onions, stomach cancer lower probability.

Onion can fight against asthma

Onions contain at least three anti-inflammatory natural chemical substances to treat asthma. Onion can inhibit the activity of histamine, and histamine is a cause of asthma allergy symptoms of chemical substances; according to German research, onions can lower risk of asthma attack about half.

Treatment of diabetes   onions

A long time ago, onions were used to treat diabetes, to the modern medicine has proved onions can indeed lower blood sugar; and whether raw or cooked food, are equally effective.There is an old onion antidiabetic compounds, similar to the commonly used oral hypoglycemic agents BR butylamine, stimulating the role of insulin synthesis and release.

Efficacy onion variety of other

Magical onion is also more than these, in their daily lives, and onions can also be used to combat insomnia: will be placed on the pillow chopped onion, onion-specific stimulus components, will play calm nerves, seductive magic sleep effects.

When cold, drink hot add the onion miso soup, sweat can quickly bring down a fever. If nasal congestion, a small piece of onion to resist the nose, onion odor stimulus, will lead to smooth up the nose instantly. If the cough, chopped onion wrapped with gauze to cover the throat to the chest, you can also quickly suppress cough.

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