2. Lipid-lowering skill
Three hypolipidemic will eat fruits and vegetables
Guiding: Ma Ming, Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, deputy director of lipid disorders clinic physician
            Liu Keling, executive vice president of China Health Education Association
Dyslipidemia want to easily drain it?
We have from all the most popular vegetables, fruits begin in thered, yellow, white and green,
Tastes of the fruits and vegetables, is the grand launch of the first
Green bean sprouts, onions, apples

Green bean sprouts: the cholesterol are discharged
Mung bean itself is a good cholesterol food, and in its germinationprocess,
Vitamin C content of up to six or seven of the original bean times.
A lot of vitamin C can promote the excretion of cholesterol, prevent their deposition in the arterial wall.
Green bean sprouts of dietary fiber, can help clear the body waste,
Also with the combination of cholesterol in food, and excreted itinto bile acids,
To lower cholesterol levels.
Cold green bean sprouts of sweet, rich in water, but also tired offluid solution,
Lipid weight loss is rare dishes.

Onion: increase good cholesterol
Onion A handful of vegetables containing prostaglandin,
A prostaglandin is a strong vasodilator, can soften the blood vessels, lowering blood viscosity,
Increase coronary blood flow, promote blood pressure caused bythe excretion of sodium and other substances,
Therefore, both regulation of blood lipids, and blood pressure and prevention of thrombosis.
Even more commendable is that onion contains a onion oil, not only lower cholesterol,
Improve atherosclerosis, but also increased "good cholesterol" ---high-density lipoprotein levels.


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