6. Vegetarian friendly defeat the disease cancer and more fruits

Mr. Yang, 54, 6 years ago, suffering from colorectal cancer, chemotherapy, physician advice, a vegetarian, so he succeeded in cancer. MD, colorectal cancer and modern eating too much animal fat is related to many fruits and vegetables, less meat, regular screening to prevent colon cancer.

Association of cancer patients in Taiwan held the inaugural meeting today, in addition to inviting patients to share cancer history of colorectal cancer diagnosed 5 years ago, artist Yang also served as propaganda strong ambassador, live singing "If you can," called each other encouragement and support patients, notdefeated by illness.
Yang 6 years ago, diagnosed with colorectal cancer stage, and there is metastasis, when the doctors said that more than 1 year remaining life. Yang said he had thoughts of suicide, but fortunately, the work of volunteer fire as usual, constant contact scenes of people in an attempt at suicide, so he thought he should be stronger, to cancer.

Mr. Yang said, and later underwent surgery and chemotherapy than 100 times, and began under the doctor suggested a vegetarian, the body gradually improved. He said that had to eat six meals a day, and each meal should have meat, and even eating a whole chicken; now eat simple fruits and vegetables, nuts, adjusting the diet, coupled with continued chemotherapy as the volunteer fire, life goals, feelings of relaxation, are an important factor in his successful fight against cancer.

Yang said that when he knew cancer, physicians have referred patients to let him know, through mutual encouragement, to cancer.Association was founded in colorectal cancer patients now and hope to share more professional information to help cancer patients.

Association of cancer patients in Taiwan, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, director of colorectal surgery Hwei-Ming Wang said that environmental pollution, the animals eat the pollutants in the environment, such as dioxins and other carcinogens, are stored in animal fat, If people ate the contaminated animals may easily lead to disease.

Hwei-Ming Wang said he a vegetarian for 21 years, also told the patient as a vegetarian, especially red meat in the amino acid L-Phe, muscle amino acid, after barbecue cooking, it will produce carcinogenic heterocyclic amines, try to eat recommendations, or to avoid the barbecue cooking.

In addition, Hwei-Ming Wang said that almost no symptoms of early colorectal cancer, therefore, to remind the loved meat, familial high-risk group, must be regular screening, the future hope to promote screening vehicles, vending machines selling through fecal occult blood screening inspection tools to enhance the public screening rates. He also called on the people found to change in bowel habits, bowel bleeding, needs to be rushed for medical treatment.

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