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1 --- not harmful microwave, temperature
Department of Chemistry, Professor Wu Jiacheng Normal University, pointed out that the microwave is an electromagnetic wave energy is even lower than the average visible, even lower than the infrared.
Chemical reaction to take place, such as food spoilage, you need to be even higher energy than visible light. This level, the microwave is safe.
Furen University Department of Food Science Professor Bing-Hui Chen explained, the conventional heating, the heat conduction from the outside to the inside, but the the microwave release of energy inside penetrate food directly
Food water or polar molecular vibration, friction and heat.
Because it is directly penetrate, so the heating time is short. Taiwan Adventist Hospital nutritionist Chen Xiao Qian pointed out that the microwave heating time is short, but relatively small proportion of the loss of nutrients.
Wu Jiacheng pointed out, the the microwave cause of insecurity, such as food spoilage or container release toxins, not because of the microwave itself, but microwave "temperature".
This danger, electricity or heat, may also exist.
For example, excessive heat or high temperatures will hurt food nutrients. The Chen Xiao Qian example, is generally believed that the prolonged heating protein will produce carcinogens,
But that is in the case of excessive heating, if the microwave time is fixed, and the heating in accordance with the recommendations and instructions, is not a problem.
The container of different materials have different heat; for example, plastic is divided into several categories, and can withstand the temperature is different.
Eating microwave food security and nutrition
Safety and healthy eating microwave food, experts recommend:
1 used the microwave to warm food, not to be used to cook food
2 the proper use of containers and packaging materials

- Do not hot drink!
......... "Hot drink" hot drinks cancer rate eight times
After tea soup, stop with the friend said "hot drink". Abroad, the latest study found that like to drink hot drinks by more than 70 degrees, the probability of developing esophageal cancer is eight times higher than drinking warm drinkers
The hot drinks injury throat tissue, also regarded as one of the risk factors of esophageal cancer.
100 degree high temperature hot water into the cup, heat, aroma quickly drift off, but this time do not rush to drink, drink hot drinks more than 70 degrees, the probability of developing esophageal cancer is eight times higher than drinking warm drinkers and
Even drink from 65 degrees to 69 degrees hot drinks, the chance of suffering from esophageal cancer is also higher than drink warm drink 1! Times, which means hot tea, coffee, or soup, it is best to stop hot drink.
Hot drinks, or the patience, no matter how busy, hungry, thirsty again, have to remember on their own with a friend, said: "Let a few minutes!" Drank too high temperature of hot tea, carefully lead to esophageal cancer.
The latest issue of the British Medical period? Z found in Iran, experts found that a global esophageal attack rate highest place-depth investigation! Found, is likely to be locals must drink 1 liter of hot black tea daily related
The study also noted that tea drink high temperature of 70 degrees, 8-fold increase in the probability of developing esophageal cancer, domestic physician reminders, tea, hot mouth can reduce the risk of cancer.
Boiling hot soup, just soaked hot tea, on so hot drink, be careful to "hot" the esophageal! Such a warning from Iran to study the incidence of esophageal cancer in the region the highest in the world, it may be because they drink more than 1 liter of hot tea.
Taipei Medical Zhao, chairman of otolaryngology products planting: the temperature is too high to drink hot drinks cause mucosal damage, repeated mucosal damage, will cause the esophagus cell carcinoma of the possibility. "

From the theoretical, the high temperature is indeed harmful to the esophagus, the study also pointed out that often drink hot drinks
between 65 degrees to 69 degrees, carcinogenic opportunity is 65 degrees 2 times; 70 degrees or more, the risk increased eight times to brew
time view,
Paowan to two minutes to drink

Than 4-5 minutes, and then drink 5 times the carcinogenic risk.
The study has just boarded the British Medical Journal, cardiologist statement received this e-mail, sent to 10 people, and probably
there will be a person's life can be saved!

--- Water ~ you must know
Before going to bed, take a bath when the large amount of water loss, has been to develop before going to bed without eating, drinking habits,
easily lead to a lack of water in the blood, due to the risk of cerebral infarction or myocardial infarction.

The sleep still consumes about one to two cups of water, If you do not add moisture to the next morning after the dinner, waking up the next morning
was almost dawn when most prone to blood clots, the blood vessel
blocked, triggering a heart attack and brain diseases.
Taiwanese habit like bedtime bath wash clean bath and then go to bed, but the bath when the most vulnerable to the loss of water, so the doctor's advice,
should immediately after a bath replenishment points.

If baths habits, you should first bath and drink a large glass of water, so as not to stay too long in the bathroom, the loss of too much water,
the light can also occur difficulty breathing, shock phenomenon.

Open air conditioning to sleep, sleep well in the summer, but the air-conditioning dry moisture-proof, it will lead to loss of moisture,
so air conditioners sleep habits should drink plenty of water before going to bed, but do not drink tea, because the doctor said, tea
diuretic effect?
But will discharge more water than drink it, have the opposite effect, even if there will be no effect of caffeine pick-me-not suitable for tea at bedtime.
4 --- save money and the open secret of health
I believe you do not know that the water company once water is equal to how much water it in the end!
Once water = one metric ton (= ^ 3 = 1, 000 liters = 1, 000 kg)
In other words, once the water can hold 53 gallons = barrels of gasoline vats or = 1667 bottles of beer bottles

Did you know? $ 20 = price to buy a bottle of mineral water is equivalent to 2424 bottles of tap water!
20 yuan advise you to minimize the desire to buy mineral water! A lot to drink tap water, both to save money and health!
Medical profession drink mineral water with mouth to mouth, if just in the mouth, a small amount is insufficient pathogenic Pseudomonas aeruginosa
into the bottle, the bottle becomes agar, 12 hours later, the number of bacteria is enough to cause a sore throat!

Afraid after the announcement, the mineral water will be slow-moving, so manufacturers dare not announced, but the professor of the medical profession,
or to persuade people to drink mineral water, do not touch the bottle!
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