28.Do not eat raw sugar
Because the child is the sweet side, a lot of times parents will add some sugar in

children enjoy some food.

Fact, often parasitic mites in sugar, raw sugar, it is easy to get mites echinococcosis.
Mites are small insects, a systemic hairy naked eye can not see! Sugar is best not to

eat directly. Should eat before heat treatment is generally heated to 70 ° C, just 3 minutes

mites will die.

Sugar long storage time, due to absorption of moisture the surface of the crystal to melt,

reduce transparency,
color darken This shows the quality of the sugar has been changed,

impact on the human body is not.

Sugar Jiucun parasitic mites, but also kept breeding, this phenomenon is not visible to

the naked eye.

According to the experiment, 500 grams of sugar in metamorphic actually detected 15,000 mites.
Eat mites sugar the gastrointestinal parasitic mites will enter with sugar, causing varying

degrees of
abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, medically known as intestinal acariasis.
Contaminated sugar added directly to food in infants and young children or the elderly,

cough and other mites into the lungs and cause asthma or hemoptysis, and could lead to

bronchitis, pneumonia.
If mites invade the urinary tract can also cause urinary tract infections, frequent urination,

urgency, dysuria, or hematuria and other symptoms.

So, the family time to buy sugar should not be too much, and should be stored in a dry place,

stamped seal. For just bought back sugar, even if it is a new factory, also may have worms,

it is best not to eat directly.
Modulation drink or do salad, it should be noted that after heating the sugar processing food.
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