27.Varicose veins patients can wear elastic stockings Freeze
Many suffering from varicose veins patients had to wear elastic stockings to improve symptoms, but better quality stockings price is not Fiji, some patients whimsical directly to get the general movement to replace elastic stockings, but piercing aheap.

Taoyuan military hospitals in cardiovascular surgery and director of Liu Guangyi said, the price of imports stockings had several thousand or even million general elastic stockings Taiwan may be as long as one or two thousand, the price difference is several times.

The main difference is that the lower limb some of the pressure of imports elastic stockings, thigh lighter, where the pressure, but cheap stockings, stressed the tight, regardless of the pressure of the lower extremity or thigh.

Liu Guangyi pointed out, the Outpatient once admitted patients with varicose veins because of the improper use of elastic stockings, lead foot skin wounds, and even fester to recommend patients before making a purchase, be sure to accept the doctor's assessment, and then decided to pick what kind of elastic stockings.

In addition, the elastic stockings are not more tightly as possible, some people think that the greater the pressure stockings, dress more tightly, the better, if wearing a tight, arterial blood is pressing not flow, it will feel a tingling, or even will ischemia, so wear comfortable most importantly, it is appropriate, should obey the instructions of the physician.

Generally recommended, varicose veins patients the best out of bed, began to wear until nighttime sleep, sleep at night, your feet under the best cushioned high point pillows or quilts, this can help the blood return; if the work must be long-term standing, you should wear elastic stockings to reduce the extent of cramps and varicose veins.

As for how to wear elastic stockings? Liu Guangyi recommendations, varicose veins patients out of bed every morning before the first foot elevation on the top of the wall, the time ten minutes in the normal foot blood return, and quickly wear elastic stockings.
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