26.The key to controlling blood sugar health - acetate
The key to controlling blood sugar health - acetate "Reader's Digest" to
whether you have diabetes, must be seen!
In addition to patients with diabetes, most people may not care about the body's blood sugar level. However, researchers now know that you have diabetes, dietary ingredients if blood sugar, such as a roller coaster sharp rise in Pujiang, it will hurt the blood vessels, raise cholesterol levels, so that the increase in risk of heart disease, and even affect the memory The significant increase in, as well as the probability of occurrence of certain cancers.

The new cognitive change our understanding of diet and health Fanran. Fortunately, the injury will not be formed overnight, timely and slightly change their eating habits, you can regain a healthy life, at once energetic.

Sweet temptation

Some people feel an urgent need refreshing, it will eat the candy, sweet biscuits, the soft sweet pastries,, or speckled powdered sugar donut. These "fast-acting" food at your fingertips (so called convenience foods), and with the food as digestion, immediately into the blood, into the blood sugar in the body scurrying around, people sit up. The problem is, this perk is not durable, feel worse after, and not to the dinner time, already hungry.

Unfortunately, the allows blood glucose sharp rise in Pujiang food abound. No wonder, most people often feel fatigue, lack of energy, weight control can not be to do so. Although eat too much, exercise too little to bear most of the responsibility, but suddenly the high valleys of blood sugar, also starts a series of reactions, so that you eventually will inevitably have to take to the streets to buy a bigger pants. It sounds good either, right? In fact, lack of energy, weight gain, is just wrong with the tip of the iceberg.

Glycemic effect
Even if most of the people eating and drinking blood sugar skyrocketing, the body can return to normal within a few hours, there will be no problem; Only diabetic patients without treatment, blood sugar levels will remain high. Now we know, healthy person after a meal if chronically high blood sugar, even if no diabetes, the body will hurt. "How can blood sugar no longer skyrocketing Pujiang?" In fact, can be assured that not difficult to lower blood sugar.

Acid miraculous
If there is a simple component, as long as the added dishes on the blood sugar the weight high up, that would be great? Actually this kind of thing, that is acetic acid. This sour ingredient is vinegar, pickles and special yeast bread flavor source, the effect is quite obvious.
In a small study, the subjects ate a meal high glycemic index breakfast, including coated with butter (butter) Bagels (bagels) and orange juice, one hour after glucose hurricane. But if they add to drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, postprandial blood glucose level is low, 50%. Also eat chicken rice vinegar, blood sugar will be reduced by half.

Scientists also are not sure where secret, but know that vinegar will slow down the speed of the enzymes that break down carbohydrates, want more time to make the food into blood sugar. Another theory suggests that acetic acid food stays in the stomach longer, will not be digested quickly. Moreover, acetic acid may be able to make the blood sugar to to leave early blood stored in the muscle cells.

Although the role of acetate unclear, but it works, and the method is simple, for example, add the vinegar into the salad or other food, or put some kimchi sandwich. Lemon juice have the same effect, and can help control blood sugar.

Improve glycemic 7 law

Choose low GI liter GI glycaemic index carbohydrates, reduce carbohydrate component: the faster the role of carbohydrates (high glycemic index), replaced by slow-acting (low glycemic index) carbohydrates can keep stable low levels of blood sugar. But eat no matter what kind of carbohydrates, should pay attention to the component.

Carbohydrates best three whole grains: carbohydrate, it is best to choose more whole grains, less impact on blood glucose levels can prevent heart disease and diabetes.

Eat two servings of fruits and five servings of vegetables: the small and the carbohydrate content of most fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and to protect the health of ingredients. Eat more fruits or vegetables added an eating carbohydrates, you can reduce the impact of diet on blood glucose.

4. Meal protein: protein can reduce the glycemic index of each meal, eat a satiety, easier to lose weight.

Choose good fats: "bad" saturated fat (red meat) causes the body's ability to control blood sugar reduced, while the "good" unsaturated fat helps the body control blood sugar and reduce the glycemic index of each meal GI .

Control appetite: we need to pay attention to food intake; Even low glycemic index, and do not eat too much. Reduce heat absorption, can help the body use insulin effectively, plus sports, is still the best way to lose weight.

7 sour meals: dishes add some sour, simple, hypoglycemic effect is very amazing.

☆ sour dishes: vinegar and other ingredients can also make sour meal.

* Mustard from vinegar can be used instead of mayonnaise (mayonnaise) sandwiches, plus on top of the meat or beans.
* Sandwiches Riga kimchi; sour pickles come from vinegar.
* Eating pickled tomatoes, carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, Japanese pickles.
* The marinade is not drained, can be used to soak the ingredients, adding a small amount of olive oil and chopped fresh herbs taste better.
* Eat sauerkraut is pickled cabbage the optional low iodine kimchi.
* Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on the fish and seafood, but also can drop in green leafy vegetables, chicken and rice soup or stew vegetables can be more flavor.
* Jia Laimu fish, turkey, avocado, melon and sweet potato juice.
* Eat citrus fruits Luedaisuanwei in, such as fresh grapefruit.
* Eat yeast bread. Dough in the fermentation process releases lactic acid, the same can reduce the glycemic index.
* Cooking with wine. Sauces, stews, soups and roasts plus drink, slightly sour flavor better.
*, Often shallow discretion wines and other alcoholic: cup a day for women, men up to two cups, you can maintain low insulin levels, reduce the risk of diabetes.
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